10 Improv Tips For Dancers

Improv can be a little intimidating when you first begin to get comfortable with it. Trying it for the first time can be a little less intimidating if you are in your own dance studio. For some dancers, you may be exposed to improv in a class at a dance convention or taking a master class at another studio.  Whatever the case, just remember everyone can feel a little self-conscious as they are learning to embrace improv and find their own unique style.

Improv Tips For Dancers

1Breathe and relax.

2Listen to the music.

3If you are going to be able to interact with other dancers in the room, look around and find ways to connect.

4Experiment with both quick movements and slower movements.

5Embrace your unique style. Go with what how your body is telling you to move.

6Try not to compare yourself to other dancers.

7Dancers naturally have certain moves or combinations they enjoy doing, it’s okay to use those steps that you are most comfortable with performing.

8Be in the moment and block out distractions.

9Be confident in your ability – there is no right or wrong way to improv. You will grow as a dancer throughout the process.

10Practice at home and with a variety of different music.



  1. These are some great tips! Especially to not compare ourselves to other dancers – every dancer has their own style and improv is the time to let that shine.


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