Our Absolute Favorite Fishnets

Wearing fishnets with a costume this year?  Check out our favorite fishnet tights – Capezio Professional Fishnet Tights.

The first time I bought fishnets, I believe my dancer was in fourth grade.  I went to the local dance store and purchased what they recommended – your basic fishnet tights.  They were okay.  I felt like we needed to be very careful with them so they wouldn’t tear or pick – if you’ve read the Dance Mom’s Prayer, that line about fishnets is there for a reason.  Then, I read about another type of fishnets online.  A friend purchased them and was raving about them.

3000  Capezio Fisnet Tights

Enter the Capezio Professional Fishnet Tight – life changer for Dance Moms and dancers.  Yes, they are more expensive.  I paid around $27 at a local dance store (you can find them for less online).  They are so worth it.  They are a little more thick and as a friend’s young daughter commented recently, they are a little rough.  The good news is our dancers wear them over tan tights so, they don’t feel the thicker tight on their skin.  I bought a pair last year and they are still in fabulous shape.   My dancer takes them off and on without worry of ripping or picking.  I still keep an extra pair of the original fishnets on hand as a back-up, but so far have not had to use them.

So, if you are looking for a stress-free fishnet experience, check out the Capezio Professional Fishnet Tights and no, they are not a sponsor and have not paid for this post, we just happen to love these tights.

Have you tried these tights?


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