Acro Songs

Acro Dance Songs

I received a request for Acro songs, so I thought we would kick off the week with our first Acro playlist.  Enjoy! If you have a favorite Acro song recommendation, feel free to leave a comment below. Acro Dance Songs

Acro Songs

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300 Violin Orchestra – Jorge Quintero

Brotsjor-Olafur Arnalds

Bruises – Chairlift

Do It Again – Razor-N-Guido

Everything AT Once – Lenka

Eyes (Extended Mix) – Kaskade Feat. Mindy Gledhill

Getting High Power (DNA Remix) – Space Cat

I See You (The Theme From Avatar – Leona Lewis

Maria & The Violin’s String – Ashram Mulan’s Decision (Score) – Original Soundtrack

Navras – Juno Reactor VS. Don Davis

Nothing Else Matters – Apocalyptica

Oceanic – Bond

On The Nature of Daylight – Max Richter

Precognition (steed Lord Machine Remix)-Steed Lord

Protectors Of The Earth – Two Steps From Hell

Rain One – Cirque du Soleil

Rain One (feat. Tina Grace & Violaine Corradi Sad Romance – Ji PyeongKyeon

Scare Floor – Various Artists Snakefood – Safri Duo

Speaking In Tongues ll – Sheila Chandra

The Chain – Ingrid Michaelson

Time To Start – Blue Man Group

Listen to playlist in iTunes…

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  1. Thanks so much 🙂 that was a fast response!! u rock

    • You are welcome – I’ve got a running list going now so I can add to it in the coming months! 🙂

  2. Can you add more acro songs?

    • Yeah, Really! I am an acro dancer and i need my songs!

  3. Figure 8 is also a good song for acro

  4. Ooh La la works too. It has a steady beat, perfect for little ones!! (By Emma lee)

  5. Looking for a fun acro dance song for two sassy nine year olds! Any suggestions?

    • Kate Porter:
      dojo cat Say it So
      Meghan Trainer I’m all about that bass
      Emma lee Ooh La la

  6. could you tell me why you chose these songs?


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