Advice for Parents of Dancers

As auditions are approaching for many dance studios, I wanted to share a video I came across a couple of years ago. I don’t remember quite how I found it. It was one of those things where you are looking for one thing and something else pops up and suddenly you are intrigued. The video is from Rhee Gold’s series “On My Mind” featured on the Dance Life TV website.

For me, the video came at a great time.  It was one of those “this was meant to be” moments.  My dancer had enjoyed a great year in company and in between recitals, parents and dancers began to chat briefly about what the various company teams would look like for the upcoming year.  There were various perspectives on how things would play out – dancers moving up because of natural talent or age or number of years in company, how many girls were graduating etc. etc.  Though I was not saying much, I would be lying if I did not admit that my dancer and I previously had a discussion on what things may look like for the upcoming year.

When I found this video, I think I watched it at least three times.  I love Rhee’s perspective and I felt like he was talking to me.  It was like one of those conversations you have with your mother – “I know you know these things, but let’s just go over them again”.  It reminded me of four things and I haven’t forgotten them.

1.  Be Thankful She Has a Passion

2.  I am Not an Expert – Even though I danced growing up and in college – blah, blah, blah – it means very little in this process.

3.  Continue to Trust our Studio Owner – I have trusted her for years and absolutely believe she has each dancer’s best interest at heart.

4.  Stay Positive and Lead by Example

As auditions approach this year, I hope this video will remind you that your dancer is in a place with people who have her best interest at heart and are rooting for her success.



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