Auditioning for Company: Competitions & Conventions

During our 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Commiting to Your Studio Dance Company series, we have examined the information you should gather prior to making the decision to commit to a competitive dance team.

Today’s Question:  How many competitions and conventions will we attend?

Where are the competitions and conventions located?

As you make your decision, it is nice to know if the competitions and conventions will be local events or if travel will be required.

Things to consider:

Can you commit to weekend travel?

Are you comfortable with the travel distance?   If you are in a larger city, your events may all be local.  You may travel no more than 3 hours away or your studio may travel to events several states away. 

Travel expenses to consider:  Gas, Meals, Hotel 

Does the studio attend a National Competition in the Summer?

Some studios attend Nationals each year, others every year and some not at all.  If your studio attends a National competition,ask where the event held and how long will be you be there?  Often National competitions are week long events. 

Competitons and conventions are a lot of fun for dancers and their families.  Having a clear understanding of both the time and financial commitment ahead make the events even more enjoyable. 

Up Next:  Costumes



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