Auditioning For Company: Costs and Billing

As we continue our blog series on 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Commiting to Your Studio Dance Company, the all important question of how much does this cost and when do we pay for it all is upon us.  Everyone has a budget and I am definitely one of those people that likes to be prepared and know my costs up front.  Competitive dance is expensive.  As my husband has said, it is a car payment.

Let’s review the costs that would typically be billed by your studio:


Competition Fees

Convention Fees

Tuition for Dance Classes

Choreography Fees  – This fee typically applies to group dances when an outside choreographer is brought in to choreograph a dance.  Typcially a choreographer charges a fee for solos, duets and trios as well.

Rehearsal Fees

Dance Company Fee

Team Warm Up

Music Editing


Check with your studio for a complete list of items you will be billed for throughout the dance year.

Finding out how you will be billed is important for budgeting purposes.  I received a call from a friend one afternoon.  Her daughter dances at another local studio and she was frustrated.  Each month they were paying a different amount because additional fees were due and she felt the studio was springing these fees on them without enough notice.  She asked how do you do it, doesn’ it drive you crazy that all these competition fees are due etc. etc.  What do they do at your studio?  Honestly, until that moment, I assumed all studios handled it the way ours did – we receive a spreadsheeet with our dancer’s name and the expenses for the year.  Everything is lumped in there together and divided by 9.  We have a monthly payment and it is a beautiful thing.  During the summer months, tuition varies depending on which classes/intensives each dancer signs up for.

If you have different amounts due each month, I would ask for a list of payment due dates and amounts.  This way, you can plan for the expenses and avoid any unexpected payments.

In addition to the typical fees above, there is the cost of hotel stays, food, gas, make-up, alterations, dance shoes, dancewear, tights, etc.

Given a little time, your studio owner should be able to provide you with a general idea of the costs for the year and a payment schedule.

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