Auditioning for Company: Costume Costs

In our series 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Commiting to Your Studio Dance Company, one of the things to consider is the number of costumes and the expense of costumes.

Even if your dancer has attended your studio for years and you are aware of the costs you have been paying, it is still worth asking this question.  Sometimes, costume prices are more expensive for company dancers.  If the company dancers’ costumes are custom made, it is likely you will be paying close to $200 or more for each costume.

If your dancer has the opportunity to participate in more dances as a company member, then there would be the additional costs of costumes for each dance.

Each studio is different and has their own style preference for their dances.  At any competition you may see studios who go all out with custom costumes, some whose dancers are more modest in simple dance items from a dancewear catalog, others may prefer costumes from clothing stores and some who purchase their costumes from the same costume companies they use for their recreational dancers.

Asking this question will allow you to fully consider the cost of the company experience.

Next Up:  How will you be billed?  Average costs for the year?



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