Butt Glue and Why You May Need It

What is “butt glue” and why your dancer may need to use it.  I bet if we were to survey dancers and dance parents, costume malfunctions would probably top the list of things you really did not want to happen on stage.  Costume malfunctions doesn’t always mean that a strap breaks or something falls off, sometimes it means costumes shift and when they shift, they reveal areas that parents, dancers, and dance teachers prefer to remain covered.


butt glue

The “butt glue” experience is a new one for us.  Until this year, we have not had a need for this product.  I had heard the term in the dance and gymnastics community and the pageant world, but that was the extent of my knowledge.

So, on our list we received prior to dress rehearsal was the suggestion for “butt glue” and/or fashion tape.  I purchased the Hollywood fashion tape and thought we would give that a try.  Well, for my dancer’s contemporary small group, where their ending pose is on the floor, her bottom was temporarily stuck to the floor as the bottom of her costume did not stay in place.  It was funny and brief, but her face said OMG I’m stuck!  Can you imagine that happening on stage?  Thank goodness for dress rehearsals.  The tape worked okay, but not great for other costume pieces in other areas.

The roll on adhesive product I bought to secure my dancer’s costumes is called “It Stays”.  It reminds me of roll-on deodorant, but sticky.

I bought our “butt glue” at a local drug store that carries medical equipment.  You can also buy it on Amazon.  The drug store chains in our area do not carry this product.

How To Use Butt Glue:

  1. Lift the area of the garment you want to secure away from the skin.
  2. Roll the adhesive on the skin in an area that will be covered by the material of the costume.
  3. Press the costume down onto the glue for a few seconds to make sure it has adhered.

Removing Butt Glue:

Soap and warm water are the best option, but if you need a quick option while at a dance competition, wipes worked fine for us.

Butt Glue, It’s Not Just For The Rear Dear

In addition to the “It Stays” product working fabulously on the bottoms of my dancer’s costumes, it also worked really well to hold straps in place and to secure an area of a costume that would not lay flat against my dancer’s chest.  A fellow Dance Mom, who has much more experience with “butt glue” than I do, stepped in as I was struggling with fashion tape and put the glue on my dancer’s chest and it worked perfectly!  It takes a village people – so thankful when people share their tips!

So, if you are looking for a solution to adhere straps, bottoms, something to your dancer’s neck or chest, I highly recommend the “It Stays” product.  It worked great for us and most importantly everything stayed in place for my dancer so she could focus on her dancing and not be concerned with costume issues.


Making The Butt Glue Purchase – A text Dance Moms can appreciate.

it stays butt glue


Have you tried this product?


  1. I am wearing spanx under my salsa dance costume. The dress rides up, will this stick to the spanx as well as it does to skin?

  2. Is this glue ok to use for professional dancing shoes with heels


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