Competitions That Aren’t Leveled

From My Inbox:  I am interested in taking my dancers to a dance competition that is not leveled.   I am looking for a straight forward competition with everyone at the same age level competing against each other.  Can you help – I am having a hard time finding options.  

Dance Competitions that aren't leveled

Dance competitions that aren’t leveled?  When I first read that I thought, are there any?  I know there are conventions/competitions that aren’t leveled but what about dance competitions only.  As it turns out, after reviewing the competitions listed on our Dance Competition List, there are a few.

Dance Competitions That Aren’t Leveled

Celebrity Dance Competition

Dance Educators of America

Extreme Talent Showcase

In addition to the dance competitions listed above, most if not all dance conventions have all dances compete at the same level.  Typically a 1st 2nd and 3rd place are given if there are at least 5 dances in the category.  Otherwise, a 1st place is awarded only.  If you are interested in attending a dance convention, here is our Dance Convention List.


Which do you prefer – competitions that are leveled or competitions that are not leveled?



  1. While Headliners offers 2 levels 95% compete at the competitive “Broadway” level. The recreational level (Hollywood) was added recently to accommodate studios that had competitive and non-competitive teams.

    • Thank you for commenting Shari! I appreciate it. It’s always good to have further clarification.


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