90+ Dance Captions For Instagram

Dance Captions for Dancer with a bun moving on stage

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You’ve got the perfect dance photo, from an amazing performance or dance competition or convention now, what are you going to caption it? Your Instagram worthy dance pictures can range from funny instagram captions to something short and sweet to the perfect Instagram photo dance quote. The list below will get you started for sharing some of your favorite dance moments with captions that range from sweet to confident but not too cocky.

80+ Captions For Your Dance Photos

  1. “dancing is my happy place.”
  2. “grace under pressure.”
  3. “Comp Szn.”
  4. “Dance Shenanigans”
  5. “assignment understood”
  6. “let your soul glow”
  7. “Dance Vibes”
  8. “same time next year?”
  9. “Dance therapy is the best therapy”
  10. “When in doubt,tap it out.”
  11. “Stopped wishing for it and worked for it.”
  12. “Dance like nobody’s watching.”
  13. “you can be anything you want to be, except me”
  14. “What’s your pointe?”
  15. “Its go time”
  16. “me again”
  17. “cue dance photos”
  18. “I may be single but my pirouettes are not.”
  19. “You make me feel like dancing.”
  20. “Good for the soul.”
  21. “days like these”
  22. “sparkle season”
  23. “prove them wrong”
  24. “Feet don’t fail me now.”
  25. “Typical Me”
  26. “Born to shine”
  27. “work of art”
  28. “In my happy place”
  29. “Couldn’t be happier”
  30. “When dreams become reality”
  31. “Weekend attire”
  32. “More to come”
  33. “Talent doesn’t lie”
  34. “Flexibility flex”
  35. “all eyes on me”
  36. “souled out show”
  37. “It’s My Birthday – I’ll have my cake and dance with it too.”
  38. “minding mine”
  39. “new year, new goals”
  40. “As good as it gets”
  41. “This feeling>>”
  42. “time to bloom”
  43. “convention vibes”
  44. “inhale confidence. exhale doubt.”
  45. “Dance is the universal language of the body.”
  46. “Dance like you mean it.”
  47. “It was worth it”
  48. “Dance never looked so good”
  49. “Same game, different level”
  50. “Speechless”
  51. “you can find me in the studio”
  52. “Winning Szn”
  53. “Main character energy”
  54. “still a long way to go”
  55. “Born to dance”
  56. “good times, good music, good dancing”
  57. “too hot to lose my cool”
  58. “keep em on their toes.”
  59. “back by popular demand”
  60. “music on, buns slicked”
  61. “rare breed”
  62. “In my dance era.”
  63. “effort stays at 100”
  64. “In my element.”
  65. “Doing me.”
  66. “Even better in person”
  67. “Can’t complain.”
  68. “Dancing is the only way to cleanse the┬ásoul.”
  69. “Dreams don’t have expiration dates”
  70. “Your favorite duo.”
  71. “Dancing is my way of expressing myself.”
  72. “weekends like these”
  73. “Living Life”
  74. “Don’t look at the caption, look at me.”
  75. “Dancing is my therapy.”
  76. “turned up to turnout”
  77. “unforgettable memories”
  78. “Dance – my passion, my escape, and my freedom.”
  79. “All dance, no stress.”
  80. “Me doing me”
  81. “Made you look”
  82. “no caption needed”
  83. “courage is the birthplace of confidence.”
  84. “Doin’ my thing.”
  85. “Dance is the perfect way to let go and just be.”
  86. “Looking good, living better.”
  87. “In my moment”
  88. “Weekend of self-care”
  89. “in case my memory fails”
  90. spent the weekend getting critiqued, determined as ever”

Dance Quotes as captions

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