Dance Company: What is the Attendance Policy?

Continuing with our  10 Questions You Should Ask Before Commiting to Your Studio Dance Company, today’s topic is “What is the Attendance Policy”.  When your dancer is invited to audition or you have been given feedback that your son/daughter could be ready for company, it is easy for both parents and dancers to become very excited about all the possibilities and performances that lie ahead for the company dancer.

attendance policy

Be sure to ask your Studio Owner what the attendance policy is for company dancers and be ready to adhere to the requirements.  Certainly unforeseen circumstances or sickness may come about, but expecting rules to be bent or absences to be overlooked will lead to frustration from other company members and teachers.  Some studios do charge fees for missed rehearsals.

If you have a trip booked or an important family event that you will be attending, ask the Studio Owner about it prior to auditioning.  While, it is impossible for the Studio Owner to plan around everyone’s potential conflicts, he/she can let you know ahead of time if the absence will be allowed.  For instance, if you have a family wedding in November which is the same weekend of a rehearsal, it may be okay for your dancer to miss the rehearsal as long as they schedule a private lesson to get caught up on the choreography.

Questions to ask and consider:

How many absences are allowed?

Can you get your dancer to the weekend rehearsals?

If rehearsals are mandatory every weekend, are you ready to commit to that?  Is your dancer? Are they okay sacrificing social activities to be at rehearsal?

Does the studio have the option to call a last minute rehearsals?

The amount of time and dedication required to be a dance company member, varies from studio to studio.  Get as much information as you can to determine if committing to the dance company schedule will be possible for both you and your dancer.


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