Dance Company: What is the Commitment During the Week & on Weekends?

Continuing with our series on  10 Questions You Should Ask Before Commiting to Your Studio Dance Company, today’s topic is “What is the Commitment During the Week & on Weekends?”. 

Questions to ask about the dance company schedule:

How many classes will he/she most likely be taking each week?

Are there additional optional classes that can be added?

How many hours will my dancer be at the studio each week?

How many days a week?

Are there weekend rehearsals?

How many weekends a month do you rehearse and for how long?

In addition to rehearsals, what other weekend commitments will we have – parades, community performances, conventions/competitions etc.

Asking these questions will allow you to decide if the weekly schedule is doable for your dancer, but also for you.  Will you be able to get your dancer to the studio at the designated time?  Do you have someone you could carpool with to help with getting your dancer to and from the studio?  Do you have other children that have commitments as well?  Do sibling commitments conflict with dance company?  Can you work it out?  Get as much information as you can so you can make an informed decision about the schedule you and your dancer are committing to for the next year.





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