Dance Competition Hub

Did you have a great experience at a competition or convention this year?  Dance Competition Hub is a website that allows you to review everything from your dance competition or convention experience to dance accessories.  Want to get details on dance costume manufacturers?  You can review those too.  I have to admit, I love reading reviews.  If I am interested in a product or traveling somewhere, I have to do my research first.

Dance Competition Hub

Signing up for Dance Competition Hub is easy and free.  Companies are rated on a five star rating system and you are able to leave a comment about your experience.  One of the things I find most helpful is when customers comment on a particular location or venue of a dance competition.  Someone may have had an issue with a venue, but otherwise loved the competition.  Well, if that’s not a venue I’m attending, then I know that won’t be an issue for us.

This past year, one of the events we planned to attend, cancelled.  So, our Studio Owner was able to quickly get information on a few other competition options by reading the reviews on Dance Competition Hub.  It’s a great resource and I highly recommend it.

As you are reading the reviews, you can see if the person leaving a review is a parent, dancer, dance teacher, studio owner etc.  It further allows you to understand the perspective of the reviewer.  Even though, our Studio Owner chooses which competitions/conventions we attend, it is nice to check out how others felt about their experience.

A few key factors I look for when reading about competitions/conventions:

*Quality of judges comments – good feedback is key

*Did the competition run on time – did they overbook?  This is important.  Yes, they may be running on time, but if they start on Thursday and end Sunday night at midnight, it’s good to know that ahead of time.  Even though, I’m not the one choosing the competition, if I know the schedule is typically like this, I can prepare ahead of time for myself and my dancer as well as make sure things are covered at home for my non-dancing children.  My husband and boys like to know if we are going to be rolling back into town late night on a Sunday!

*Staff – a friendly backstage staff can make the experience so enjoyable for the dancers

You can click on the person’s name that left the review and read other comments they have written.  Is the reviewer someone who has only left negative reviews?  Are they consistent in their objectivity.  For me, I discount a review that gets too much into scoring.  It’s subjective and sometimes its hard for parents to be as objective as we should be about our dancers performance on that particular day.

Also, one very important note, dance competitions and conventions use the site to read how their customers felt about their experience.  Like most companies, I imagine they sit down before the season starts and brainstorm about what they can do to make the next season even better.  Provide your feedback so they can provide us, their paying customers, the best experience possible.

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