Dance Competition Results – November 3 – 5, 2017


Dancers names in pink link to the individual dancer’s profile.


Dance Competition Results Quick Links:

Jump Dance Convention

Nuvo Dance Convention

NYCDA Dance Convention

24 Seven Dance Convention

Radix Dance Convention

Dancemakers Dance Convention

Jump Dance Convention – Greenville
JumpStart  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1ST Little Miss Banana Ella Barnes Southern Strutt
2ND Beauty and the Beast Elizabeth Scott Lanier Southern Strutt
3RD Bulletproof Mia Clark Southern Strutt
4TH Dream Kaylee Schwamb Kane & Co. Dance Productions
5TH I Don’t Know My Name Kensley Smith Starz Artistic Performing Company
6TH Shake Body Rebecca Cooper Elite Dance Academy GA
7TH Sassy Emorie Britt Elite Dance Academy GA
1ST The Scientist Kayla Montgomery The Academy for the Performing Arts
2ND First Light Natalie Bumgarner The Royal Dance Academy
3RD Landslide Rilynn Duncan Charlotte Performing Arts Academy
3RD River Camryn Gantt Charlotte Performing Arts Academy
4TH Pieces Don’t Fit Darius Goodson Southern Strutt
5TH I’ma Come Back Ana Riddle Southern Strutt
6TH In Her Honor Ellie Badrock Evolution Dance Complex
6TH Again Today Addyson Christie Upstate Carolina Dance Center
7TH The Awakening Hanley House The DanZe Zone
7TH Hot Hot Hot Emi Huggins
Tapio School of Dance and Gymnastics
7TH Willow Ella Robbins
Tapio School of Dance and Gymnastics
8TH RESPECT Kayla Uwagbai Columbia City Jazz
8TH Miss Invisible Jenna-Kate Tollison Upstate Carolina Dance Center
9TH Everywhere I Go Izabella Dye Henley Dance Studio
9TH Shine Andraia Gordon Henley Dance Studio
9TH Work Me Down Jillian Hansborough United We Dance
10TH What You Want Carter Lewis Starz Artistic Performing Company
1ST Saturn Valadie Cammack Evolution Dance Complex
1ST In Roses Madelyn Hall Just Dance
1ST Mercy Kaitlyn Winnell CC & Company Dance Complex
2ND Refrail Ella Jones CC & Company Dance Complex
2ND Flowers Camille Pepper Starz Artistic Performing Company
3RD Skies Will Break Nola Fulk CC & Company Dance Complex
3RD 300 Savannah Manning Columbia City Jazz
4TH Arena Addy Beckham Southern Strutt
5TH Run Miranda Saliva
Tapio School of Dance and Gymnastics
5TH Djembe Liza Grace Cole The Dance Centre
5TH This Place is Haunted Makenna Wynia CC & Company Dance Complex
5TH Discarded Matter Sarah Moore The Dance Centre
6TH Fallen Lyndon Wright CC & Company Dance Complex
6TH I Anna Heinemann Litchfield Dance Arts Academy
7TH Fading Light Heather Lauchengco CC & Company Dance Complex
7TH What Now Abigail McKinney Upstate Carolina Dance Center
8TH Glacier Julia Deane The Academy for the Performing Arts
8TH Tears Lauren Boyle The Academy for the Performing Arts
8TH Earth NoahAyden Grady Evolution Dance Complex
9TH Scarlett Savanna Logan Upstate Carolina Dance Center
9TH I Remember Her Stella Eubanks Litchfield Dance Arts Academy
9TH One Way or Another Claire Brown Center Stage Dance Studio
9TH The Waltz Jayden Perilla United We Dance
9TH The Other Side Lauren Durham Evolution Dance Complex
10TH Howl Addison Adams Just Dance
10TH You Could Be Happy Sadie Cornell CC & Company Dance Complex
10TH Orange Colored Sky Trinity Sullivan Charlotte Performing Arts Academy
1ST The Choice is Yours Brooke Cheek Studio Bleu
2ND All Again Madeline Underwood STARZ Elite Dance center
2ND J’arrive a la Ville Camille Cabrera Columbia City Jazz
2ND Almost Faded Tori Edsel Columbia City Jazz
3RD Broken Joey Britt Columbia City Jazz
4TH Shed Ashley Kiker Steps N Motion
4TH Von Luke Hendley Columbia City Jazz
4TH Summer Meredith Brown Center Stage Dance Studio
4TH Luminous Lana Baird Just Dance
5TH Vici Kalliyan Johnson The Royal Dance Academy
6TH Relinquished Mackenzie Macklen Southern Strutt
6TH The Poet Savannah Folding Columbia City Jazz
7TH Ain’t No Sunshine Gabi Allen
Center Stage School of Performing Arts
7TH Maps Morgan Johnson Starz Artistic Performing Company
8TH If I Be Wrong Caitlyn Hall Just Dance
9TH Figures Katia Beales-Salovitch Columbia City Jazz
9TH Run Me Out Dylan Morgan Columbia City Jazz
10TH Northern Star Tristin Edsel Columbia City Jazz
10TH Beautiful Jordyn Lewis Columbia City Jazz
10TH Rule the World Skylar Carroll Southern Strutt
10TH Yours Payton McCormick Heidi Knight School of Dance
10TH Exodus Katie Fulmer Just Dance
10TH When Velma Takes the Stand Ashlynn DeGeorge The Academy for the Performing Arts
1ST Metal On Skin Brendan Moran Southern Strutt
2ND Introvert Jaylin Martin Heidi Knight School of Dance
2ND Flight Abby Haynes Just Dance
3RD Wild Is The Wind Zoe Miller Charlotte Performing Arts Academy
3RD Made of Stone Ally Vazquez Upstate Carolina Dance Center
3RD You Don’t Own Me Ryan Turnipseed Dancers Corner
3RD The Ground You Walk On Conner Chastain Southern Strutt
3RD Experience Jade Boerman Just Dance
3RD How Did I Forget Libby Brooks CC & Company Dance Complex
4TH Tears Alden King Just Dance
4TH The Moon Kelley Grace Kerr Litchfield Dance Arts Academy
4TH Yeah, Right Daisee Mershon Steps N Motion
5TH New Year Morgan Passman Southern Strutt
5TH The Colour In Anything Autumn Allen Studio 23
5TH Less Emma Miller The Academy for the Performing Arts
5TH I’m Through Haley Cottrell United We Dance
6TH I Want Glynn King Just Dance
6TH The Edge Mallory Bindner Litchfield Dance Arts Academy
7TH These Arms of Mine Hailey Cooke Dancers Corner
7TH There It Goes Caroline Jones Center Stage Dance Studio
7TH In the Embers Sydney Lima Southern Strutt
8TH Loved By You Payton Andrews Heidi Knight School of Dance
9TH 13 Beaches Sarah Schomburg Heidi Knight School of Dance
10TH I Follow Rivers Cara Insco Evolution Dance Complex
10TH Resistant Sarah Jayne Doty Heidi Knight School of Dance

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Nuvo Dance Convention – Tulsa
Nubie  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1st Material Girl Jentry Little The Pointe PAC
2nd Queen Bee Pierson Aldridge The Pointe PAC
3rd Lip Gloss Ever Rhea Dance Dynamics
4th Mambo Gabriella Bonilla Amarillo Performing Arts Center
1st Svanur Avery Watson
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
2nd Relax Max Ava Lawson Rock City Dance Center
3rd Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Madison Green Dance Dynamics
4th I’m In Here Brooklyn Simpson Williams Center Rhythm Factory
5th Viral Canaan Blansit Tiffany’s Performing Arts Studio
6th Vienna Faith Stoner The Pointe PAC
7th Fly Finley Aldridge The Pointe PAC
8th Across The Sky Skylar Steward Owasso Dance Co
8th All Your Glory Olivia Nguyen The Pointe PAC
8th What About Angels Peyton Koepke The Pointe PAC
9th Halo Ava Longacre PC Dance Company
9th All For You Rylin Hendrickson Grayce DeWitt Dance Studio
9th Black Cat Olivia Freebern Theatre Arts
10th Saxx Olivia Brewer The Pointe PAC
1st Second to None Brielle McCoy South Tulsa Dance Co.
1st Belly of the Beast Avery Lau South Tulsa Dance Co.
2nd Lost It To Trying Cydney Heard Dance Branson
3rd Numbers Lauren Singleton Tiffany’s Performing Arts Studio
4th New Soul Lawsen Hooker Williams Center Rhythm Factory
5th Madness Blair Peak South Tulsa Dance Co.
6th Odd Sympathy Teagan Caughron Theatre Arts
6th Feel It Still Norah Wilson South Tulsa Dance Co.
7th Fool Garris Munoz South Tulsa Dance Co.
8th All Coming Back Whitney Stewart Rock City Dance Center
8th Waterfall Ella Hendricks
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
9th I’ll Think About You Aidan Cook
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
10th Hideaway Hadley Brown Theatre Arts
1st Within The Existence of Shatter Joziah German
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
2nd Grateful Brooke Cox Dance Branson
2nd Forgotten Mary Jane McConnell High Pointe Performing Arts Studio
3rd Slack Jaw Reina Gray The Pulse Performing Arts Center
4th Slow Decay Kamryn Funk Kim Massay Dance Productions
4th Underwater Falls Claire Linton Tiffany’s Performing Arts Studio
5th Shed Amanda Vilello
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
6th Thinking of You Izzy Burton Applause Studios
7th Foul To Love Peyton Winsett Kim Massay Dance Productions
7th Etched Shae Smith Tiffany’s Performing Arts Studio
7th Remembering Onye Stevenson
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
8th Let Me Follow Lainey Myers
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
8th End Of The World LucaBella Delor Elite Dance of Tulsa
9th Immunity Chantal Le South Tulsa Dance Co.
9th Fin Dani Davis South Tulsa Dance Co.
9th Otherside Ana Barros
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
10th Gamzatti Piper Tingleaf Theatre Arts
10th In Time Kendall Schmidt Kim Massay Dance Productions
10th Resolve Avery Foto
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
1st Love More Zoe Vogel Applause Studios
2nd My House Breanne Elwell Kim Massay Dance Productions
3rd Internal Disconnect Ellie Sharpe Tiffany’s Performing Arts Studio
4th Soliloquy Jada German
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
5th I’m Here Katelin MacDonald Kim Massay Dance Productions
6th Oh My Dear Matt Elliott Applause Studios
7th Fell For You Addison Taron Kim Massay Dance Productions
8th Byegone Griffin Massey Theatre Arts
9th Wanderlust Kalli Anderson Elite Dance of Tulsa
10th All My Tears Randi Tucker South Tulsa Dance Co.
10th The Other Woman Glenna Schoeler Elite Dance of Tulsa

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NYCDA Dance Convention – Minneapolis 
Mini  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1st Horizon Ali Ogle Larkin Dance Studio
2nd Sleepless Night Emma Vaughn Renner Dance Company
3rd Worth It Caleb Abea DelMonico Dance
4th buttermilk Sky Sophia anderson The Dance Complex
5th Life of the Party Sullivan Neubauer Summit Dance Shoppe
6th Labrynth Sophia Cornwell The Dance Complex
7th The Creatures Apology Hailey Christianson Urban Dance Productions
8th The Alto’s Lament Chloe Zender Lake Area Dance Center
1st Shining Ava Wagner Larkin Dance Studio
2nd Individual Piece Reanna Hu Plumb Performing Arts Center
3rd Answers Elliana Mannella Summit Dance Shoppe
4th Dreaming Awake Diarra Chatham Larkin Dance Studio
5th The Truth Faith Cichocki Northland School of Dance
6th It Starts Now Katelynn Cornwell The Dance Complex
7th The Dream Isabella Jarvis Larkin Dance Studio
8th Peculiar Ayla Pilrain The Dance Complex
9th The Humorist Payton Riss The Dance Complex
10th The Garden Kendall Knapp Plumb Performing Arts Center
1st Numb Ellie Wagner Larkin Dance Studio
2nd The Sun Sara Gutz Larkin Dance Studio
3rd Waves Haley Wald JAMM Dance Co.
4th I Did It Veronice Jasper Summit Dance Shoppe
5th A Moment Apart Olivia DeAngelo Summit Dance Shoppe
6th Inside The Mind Hans Anderson Summit Dance Shoppe
7th Not By Design Sasha Lambrecht Plumb Performing Arts Center
8th Floating Sinking Skylar Wishcop The Dance Complex
9th Too Bright Audrey Wrobel The Dance Complex
10th This Will Pass Katie Tryon Plumb Performing Arts Center
11th Human Ava Wiliams JAMM Dance Co.
12th The Elements Halia Hauer The Dance Complex
13th Nature Boy Haley Klemesrud Northland School of Dance
14th The Rocket Builder Hayley Miller Summit Dance Shoppe
15th Enlightened Grayce Norden Summit Dance Shoppe
16th Dreams Julia Solomon Northland School of Dance
17th Anomaly Alex Peterson PUSH
18th Lunar Detachment Jill LaBrasseur Legacy Dance Studio
19th Beyond Limits Bella Ford Northland School of Dance
20th Long Days Grace Fabio Yackel Dance
1st Hiding The Fear Aaliyah Zolina Westside Dance Project
2nd Wicked Games Lylie Kiecker The Dance Complex
3rd No Torrent Like Greed Lauren Siegel The Dance Complex
4th Same Journey, Different Path Sierra Ashton Plumb Performing Arts Center
5th Heart of Glass Julia Hansch Yackel Dance
6th Stay Olivia Vannucci Summit Dance Shoppe
7th Lover Come Back To Me Kalista Curbelo Lents Dance Company
8th Adrift Lindsay Nelson Platinum Dance Center
9th Over Soon Jacob Becker KMC Studio
10th Believer Chase Brendel L.A. Dance
11th To You Again Katelynn Malmstedt Lake Area Dance Center
12th Spell on You Thanee Klewicki Yackel Dance
13th Open Hands Megan Wilcox Northland School of Dance
14th Too Darn Hot Nora Plumb JAMM Dance Co.
15th She’s Gone Bella Dubois Northland School of Dance

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24 Seven Dance Convention – Chicago
Sidekicks  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1 Conga Natalie Jaime Premier Dance Company
2 You Are My Sunshine Reagan Armour Envision Dance Company
3 Fawn Dance Ema Indriliunas Amber Dance
1 Mack The Knife Brady Amaya Viva Dance Co
1 Elegy Nicholas Bustos Stars
2 Letter To The Playground Bully Callie Weinert Artistry In Motion
3 Into The Woods Ava Modine Studio 4
4 Beam Of Light Audrey Mayernik Evolve Dance Complex
5 Games Holden Griffin Young Dance Academy
6 Meet Me At The Roxy Scarlett Szewczyk Envision Dance Company
7 I Dreamed A Dream Ella Molter Elite Dance Center
8 Hold Me Down Lily Duval Encore Dance Company
9 Feel It Still Ryan Curtin Dance Arts Center
10 Painter Audrina Castaneda Dance Arts Center
1 Redemption Ying Lei Pham Just Off Broadway
2 My Angel Rocks Me Back And Forth Alexis De Lucas YYC Dance Project
2 Aftermath Calico Reyes B-Discovered Dance Company
3 Fly Me To The Moon Sam Cool Accent On Dance Elite
3 Echo Britton Johnson Viva Dance Co
4 Soldier Samantha DeFabio Evolve Dance Complex
4 Home Julia Kozlowski Extensions Dance Company
5 Vanity Maeve Dewey Premier Dance Company
5 Material Girl Madison Lower Young Dance Academy
6 Creep Teagan Kubinski Encore Dance Company
6 Golden Leaves Morgan Graham B-Discovered Dance Company
7 Bottom Of The River Lillie Smithhart
School of Classical Ballet and Dance (SCBD)
7 Saints Avril Beesley Dance Arts Center
7 1,000 Days Makenna Didech Encore Dance Company
7 The Resurgence Kendal Cordon Jamie’s Dance Force
8 Red Football Ava Dupuie Viva Dance Co
8 Abaddon Ava Lengyel Jamie’s Dance Force
8 She Used To Be Mine Ashlinn DeMonte Artistry In Motion
8 Afterglow Emma Middleton Viva Dance Co
9 Weightless Emily Mertes Envision Dance Company
10 Frost Maci Quam Above The Barre
1 Hymn To Love Samantha Schmaling Dance Arts Center
2 The Radical Self Sky Mottet
Becky Nalevanko’s Dance and Tumbling Studio
2 The Gift Camila Schwarz Dancetown
3 Kite Song Olivia Beauchamp Viva Dance Co
3 Whole Made Of Pieces Kjerstin Bartell Young Dance Academy
3 Trance Emma Johnson
Prodigy Dance And Performing Arts Centre
3 Mad Rush Whitney Zhang West Michigan Dance Center
3 Steel Brooke Judge Club Dance
4 Beauty Of Nothingness Anna Miller Center Stage Dance Studio
5 Arbakkinn Kate Constantini Jamie’s Dance Force
6 Early One Morning Delaney Eminger B-Discovered Dance Company
6 Riptide Amelia Koren Encore Dance Company
6 Next To You Maya Regule Jamie’s Dance Force
6 Her Jessica Colella B-Discovered Dance Company
7 It’s Time Amelia Happel Indiana Ballet Conservatory
8 Sweat Avery Earle Viva Dance Co
9 Earnestly Yours Holly Heldt Eclipse
9 Farewell Julianne Doner Viva Dance Co
10 I Try Aubrey Miller B-Discovered Dance Company
10 Tomorrow Gabrielle Koenig Studio One Dance Company
10 One Way Or Another Savannah Santos Young Dance Academy
10 If I Will Grace Sykes Premier Dance Company
10 Bittersweet Kylee Carmichael Studio 4
1 Esperaunce Alex Swader Encore Performance Company
2 Clung To Amelia Shultz Extensions Dance Company
2 Dawn Grace Channell B-Discovered Dance Company
3 Worth It Jarred Manista North Shore Dance Studio
4 I Want You Alyssa Bulin Yorkville Performing Arts Center
4 I Can’t Do It Alone Caroline Thelen Elite Dance Center
5 The Hunting Alison Taylor Dance Mechanics
5 Yellow Ledbetter Nathan Lopez Tenacity Dance Company of DAC
6 Capture Caroline Tilley Premier Dance Company
6 The Loop Nina Rende B-Discovered Dance Company
7 Erupting Light Kenzie Ginter West Michigan Dance Center
8 Let Me Go Skylar Stork Dance Arts Center
9 Dirty Diana Madison Heckler Elite Dance Center
9 Facade Anna Stachnik Young Dance Academy
10 Dust And Water Maddie Lasco Dance Arts Center
10 White Fire Elliana Hamilton West Michigan Dance Center

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Radix Dance Convention – Meadowlands
Mini  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1st The Path Elliana Walmsley Michelle Latimer Dance Academy
2nd Dance With Me Matty Googs ICON Dance Complex
3rd Someday My Prince Will Come Ariana Zomparelli Stewart Johnson Dance Academy
4th Who I Am Anastasiya Stratiy K-Force Dance Academy
5th If We’re Honest Kierra Teator Kerry’s Dance Academy
1st Nostalgia Rebecca Rincon The Teen Company NYC
2nd Save Me Alex Woznyk Triple Threat Dance Company
3rd Luminous Jessica Benitez Eglevsky Ballet
4th I Will Wait Pressley Hosbach NBDC
5th An Evening I Won’t Forget Isabella Amaro Elsa Pardo Center
6th Angel Ava Place The Dance Connection
7th Angel By the Wings kamryn DeAngelis The Dance Connection
8th This Heart Isabella Roberts
Cape May County Performing Arts Academy
1st Light/Darkness Allison Westrick The Teen Company NYC
2nd These Are My Hands Kira Marderosian Elite Academy of Dance
3rd The Condition Nicole Konides Encore Performing Arts Center
4th Settle Down Morgan Perschy Triple Threat Dance Company
5th Dive Sean Quinn Rhythm Dance Company
6th Waves Sophia Hwang Triple Threat Dance Co.
7th We Are In Love Zachary Doran The Pulse Performing Arts Studio
8th Madness Brooke Melillo Sarah Kennedy Ballet
9th Mysterium Kathy Benitez Eglevsky Ballet
10th No One Cayla Rae Pavol Stewart Johnson Dance Academy
1st That Jazz Isabella Halek Summit Dance Shoppe
2nd Evening I’ll Never Forget Hannah Winship McKeon Dance & Gymnastics Center
3rd Suburban Decay Christina Lerner Royalenova Performing Arts
4th Clever Gains Alaina Johnston Studio 19 Dance Complex
5th Waving Through A Window Robert Ciszak The Dance Academy of North Jersey
6th Youth Katelyn Andrade New England Dance Centers
7th Wither Julie Shin The Tate Academy
8th You Dont Own Me Olivia Alboher For Dancers Only
9th Canon in D Nina Stewart Empire of the Performing Arts
9th Summer Jared Harbour The Teen Company NYC
10th Dancing On My Own Alex Haquia NBDC

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Dancemakers – Mobile


Miss Camp Dance High Score Baby I’m A Star Isabella Lynn Sullivan Broadway South Dance
Miss Camp Dance 1st Runner Up Bonjour Paris Grace Gresham A Touch of Class Performing Arts
Miss Camp Dance 2nd Runner Up Think Dahlia Charlemagne A Touch of Class Performing Arts
Miss Camp Dance 3rd Runner Up Meowww Maria Abernethy Deborah Kaye School of Dance
Miss Camp Dance 4th Runner Up Girl in the Mirror Anna Marquar The Studio of Classique Vibe
Miss Camp Dance 5th Runner Up Over the Rainbow Lila Kate Sealy Deborah Kaye School of Dance
Miss Junior High Score Impossible Avery LeSaicherre A Touch of Class Performing Arts
Miss Junior 1st Runner Up Glam Kaydence Little Broadway South Dance
Miss Junior 2nd Runner Up Music Box Isabel Flores A Touch of Class Performing Arts
Miss Junior 3rd Runner Up Paper Doll Alleigh Kirkland Meta Fairburn’s Dance Academy
Miss Junior 4th Runner Up Queen of The Night Ally Puissegur A Touch of Class Performing Arts
Miss Pre-Teen 1st Runner Up Silent Warrior Emerges Sydney Reaves
Alfonso Academy – New Light Dance Project
Miss Pre-Teen 2nd Runner Up Launch Annabelle Mack A Touch of Class Performing Arts
Miss Pre-Teen 3rd Runner Up Particles Lujayn Nasser Broadway South Dance
Miss Pre-Teen 4th Runner Up Un Main Dans La Rue Sophia Herring Driven Dance Company
Miss Pre-Teen High Score The Forgotten One Carsyn Caillet DanceSouth
Mr. Pre-Teen High Score King of New York Aaron Boye Creative Movement
Miss Teen 4th Runner Up Buried in Treasure Cameron Claire Rhodes Academy of Ballet & Jazz
Miss Teen 3rd Runner Up Evil Kailyn Howell Meta Fairburn’s Dance Academy
Miss Teen 2nd Runner Up Dont Leave Me Mia Spilotro The Dance Factor
Miss Teen 1st Runner Up Thank You Katie Weatherly Broadway South Dance
Miss Teen High Score Ashes Annabell Thrash DanceSouth
Miss Senior High Score Swim Maris Krystosek Broadway South Dance
Miss Senior 1st Runner Up Gale Song Emma Vicana The Leading Edge Dance Company
Miss Senior 2nd Runner Up Love On The Brain Nicole Marshall Meta Fairburn’s Dance Academy
Miss Senior 3rd Runner Up To Make You Feel My Love Piper Lind Broadway South Dance
Miss Senior 4th Runner Up River of Tears Niki Lee The Dance Factor
Mr. Senior High Score The Knowledge Colby Taylor Studio Sole Dance

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