Dance Competition Results – October 13 – 15, 2017

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Jump Dance Convention

Nuvo Dance Convention

Jump Dance Convention – Miami
JumpStart  Dancer  Dance  Studio
1st Carolina Alonso Amelie Stars Dance Studio
2nd Ella Dobler Departure New Level Dance Company
3rd Valentina Tous Crisis Adrenaline Dance Company
4th Isabella DiBenedetto Your Song New Level Dance Company
5th Zoe Juliette Holladay Chewing Gum Performance Edge Dance Studio
6th Abella Dorta Tears of an Angel Stars Dance Studio
7th Neo Del Corral Cold Water Stars Dance Studio
7th Rocio Viola Fragile Moving Artist Dance Company
7th Olivia Pulles Cha Cha Heels Dance Town
8th Sophia Gil Light Fixture Dance Town
9th Sophia Perez Baila Dance Town
9th Mariangel Diaz Sweety Panther ScalaDancers
10th Zoe Grau Coonga ScalaDancers
Mini  Dancer  Dance  Studio
1st Georgia Easton Vast and Limitless Miami Dance Collective
1st Nicholas Bustos Elegy Stars Dance Studio
2nd Kylee Casares Egyptian Dance Unlimited
3rd Carolina Garcia Erupting Light Miami Dance Collective
4th Layla Gibb Drop Miami Dance Collective
5th Lia Lanz Brave SJ Dance Company
6th Giselle Gandarilla Belonging Stars Dance Studio
6th Alyssa Aboy Weightless Adrenaline Dance Company
7th Isabella Hernandez Homecoming Adrenaline Dance Company
7th Sophia Ortiz Ambient Adrenaline Dance Company
8th Isabella Cabrera Slip Away Miami Dance Company
8th Sophia Alonso Consequences Stars Dance Studio
9th Kamila Huerres Attack Moving Artist Dance Company
9th Alexa Martinez Emerge Moving Artist Dance Company
9th Angelina Brennan Sunlight Stars Dance Studio
9th Jae Lyn Roberts The only fault Moving Artist Dance Company
9th Brianna Gomez Another One Bites the Dust Infinity Dance Studio
9th Nicole Piles Mean Dance Unlimited
9th Mriela Figueroa Holding Your Absence Stars Dance Studio
10th Isabella Hernandez The Power Of Love Infinity Dance Studio
10th Olivia Garcia Shelter Miami Dance Collective
10th Tiffany Wiltz The After You Adrenaline Dance Company
10th Annalia Almonacid Pressure Adrenaline Dance Company
Junior  Dancer  Dance  Studio
1st Destanye Diaz Let’s Make Our Own Movies Stars Dance Studio
2nd Mia Cortez HELP Dance Town
3rd Sophia Geraldo Detach Stars Dance Studio
4th Madelyn Munz Grounded The Project at HTX
5th Isabella Tagle I Am Here Stars Dance Studio
5th Sofia Posada Anchor Dancinginxs
5th Annalise Pisciotti Lungs New Level Dance Company
5th Valerie Jimenez Vast Adrenaline Dance Company
6th Lauren Gonzalez Baila SJ Dance Company
7th Carolina Calle Consolation Adrenaline Dance Company
7th Chloe Jimenez Speechless SJ Dance Company
8th Rachel Carter Enter One New Level Dance Company
8th Isabella Sosa Not The End Adrenaline Dance Company
8th Paris Vigo Fallen Dance Town
8th Isabella Bragagnolo The Secret Dancinginxs
9th Cameron Massicotte Distance New Level Dance Company
9th Valentina Carvallo Run Miami Dance Collective
10th Keila Cuadra Jealous Moving Artist Dance Company
10th Veronica Sotolongo Soul Adrenaline Dance Company
Teen  Dancer  Dance  Studio
1st Lily Gentile Late To Soon Westchester Dance Academy
2nd Camila Schwarz The Gift Dance Town
2nd Jack Easton Frates Miami Dance Collective
2nd Emilie Kaiser Reflection Stars Dance Studio
3rd EB Keime State of Mind Maria Verdeja School of the Arts
3rd Madison Taylor Life On Mars The Project at HTX
3rd Brooke Judge Steele Club Dance
3rd Jackson Roloff-Hafenbreadl Orgoned Stars Dance Studio
3rd Julian Sanchez Cold Dance Town
4th Kailey Worontsoff Games Dance Universe
5th Ashley Vallejo The Shadows Bride Stars Dance Studio
6th Camilla Truesdale Almost Crossing Westchester Dance Academy
6th Jessica Colella Her B-Discovered Dance Company
7th Ashley Mendoza H2O Stars Dance Studio
8th Sophia Hoyos Lay Down My Life SJ Dance Company
9th Rachel Riccardo Wild Is The Wind New Level Dance Company
9th Taylor Danciger Sinking New Level Dance Company
9th Katherine Leon Song of the Siren Dance Town
9th Jayset Ulloa Existence Miami Dance Company
9th Paola Garcia Lanterns Adrenaline Dance Company
9th Isabella Prado Strange Moving Artist Dance Company
10th Isabella Roche Painted Maria Verdeja School of the Arts
Senior  Dancer  Dance  Studio
1st D’Angelo Castro Granted Dance Town
1st Vivian Ruiz Deceive the Eye Stars Dance Studio
2nd Jenna Meilman Uneven Odds Westchester Dance Academy
3rd Barbara Perdomo Cut Love Coral Reef Senior High
3rd Samantha Cortes Another World Dance Unlimited
3rd Emma Danon MO Miami Dance Collective
4th Shamus Moriarty Remember Stars Dance Studio
4th Alec Fursman Displacement Stars Dance Studio
5th Noam Laufer The Life You Cannot See Stars Dance Studio
6th Courtney Campbell Seems Dance Town
6th Alexa Olivier I Still Remember Sean’s Dance Factory
7th Amber Rosa This is where i live Moving Artist Dance Company
8th Valeria Canas The Furnace Coral Reef Senior High
8th Nina Rende The Loop B-Discovered Dance Company
8th Brian Ramirez Detune Adrenaline Dance Company
8th Jared De Armas Gravity Adrenaline Dance Company
9th Grace Channell Dawn B-Discovered Dance Company
9th Stephanie Ortiz Echo Adrenaline Dance Company
10th Juliana Yaniz Drive On Gulliver Preparatory
10th Alexandra Yaniz No Good Gulliver Preparatory

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Nuvo Dance Convention – Omaha
NUBIE • SOLO  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1st Want It All Alexis Alvarez Seraphim Dance Academy
Place Dance  Dancer Studio
1st So Long Harlow Ganz Summit Dance Shoppe
2nd Queen Ali Ogle Larkin Dance Studio
3rd Hold Up Grace McKinley Club Dance Studio
4th Unsettled Olivia Benyamin Club Dance Studio
5th Delicate Addison Jones Club Dance
6th Wish for the Moon Taryn Harrah True Dance & Co.
6th Written in Stone Noelle Bjork Larkin Dance Studio
7th Meadow Brooklynn Jones Club Dance
8th My Heart Will Go On Josie Lutz Larkin Dance Studio
9th Illuminate Hayley Marshall True Dance & Co.
10th Everywhere I Go Amalie Mifflin Impact Dance
Place Dance  Dancer Studio
1st Answers Elliana Mannella Summit Dance Shoppe
2nd Alternate World Ava Wagner Larkin Dance Studio
3rd Andrei Lydia Werschay Summit Dance Shoppe
4th Serenity Paige Kracht Club Dance
5th The Others Brightyn Rines Club Dance
6th Exhale Isabella Jarvis Larkin Dance Studio
7th Lost It To Trying Sloane Dokman Summit Dance Shoppe
7th Release Olivia Taylor THR!VE Dance Company
8th Lux Aenterna Maesi Caes Becky Nalevanko’s Dance & Tumbling Studio
9th Precognition Sydney Ishaug Dance Arts Centre
10th Nuvole Chloe Slone Club Dance Studio
10th Shifting Jonah Benyamin Club Dance Studio
Place Dance  Dancer Studio
1st Numb Ellie Wagner Larkin Dance Studio
2nd Whatever Hour You Woke Kelsey Keenan Artistic Fusion Dance Academy
3rd Hand Covers Bruise Maris LaPointe Larkin Dance Studio
4th Elegy Chase Peterson Larkin Dance Studio
5th Exit Sara Gutz Larkin Dance Studio
6th Waiting Joshua Ukura Larkin Dance Studio
7th Interrupted Waters Bennet EspindaBanick Larkin Dance Studio
8th Snowing Ruby Mayeranderson Artistic Fusion
9th What is within Camry Blackhurst Aspire Dance Academy
10th Tuesday Skyla Ward Larkin Dance Studio
Place Dance  Dancer Studio
1st Full Bloom Katie McCleary Intermix Dance Company
2nd Shiver Katie Heidbrink Anderson-Hoxie Dance Project
3rd Nothing Arrived Josie Anders Renee’s Dance Floor
4th Gemini Feed Jaidyn Lenz Dance Vision
5th You Think Meredith Rosenberg Above the Barre Dance Academy
6th Human Touch Brody Pietz Dance Vision
7th Possibility Rose Copes True Dance & Co.
8th Improv Doorly Olivia Mannella Summit Dance Shoppe
9th Love in the Dark Jenna Grote Nebraska Dance
10th Issues Gracie Firestone Anderson-Hoxie Dance Project

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