Dance Competition Results October 20 – 22, 2017


Dancers names in pink link to the individual dancer’s profile.

Dance Competition Results Quick Links:

Jump Dance Convention

Nuvo Dance Convention

NYCDA Dance Convention

24 Seven Dance Convention

Radix Dance Convention

Jump Dance Convention – Albany
1ST Painting Greys Cameron Voorhees Evolve Dance Complex
2ND I’ve got Rhythm Cate Kolligian Class Act Dance
3RD Mad World Nayoung Kwon Triple Threat Dance Company
4TH If We’re Honest Kierra Teator Kerry’s Dance Academy
1ST My Way Alex Woznyk Triple Threat Dance Co
2ND Mr Bojangles Madison Jerard Eleanor’s School of Dance
3RD For the People Isabella Porreca The Teen Company
4TH It’s Your Thing Masen Angell Class Act Dance
5TH Smile Julia Matarazzo For Dancers Only
6TH Static Emersyn Garvin Evolve Dance Complex
7TH Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby Giada Leigh The World of Dance
8TH September Samantha Melillo Sarah Kennedy Ballet
9TH Titanium Lillian Khouri Triple Threat Dance
10TH River God Paige Bordeau Dazzle Studio of Dance
1ST Escalate Morgan Perschy Triple Threat Dance Company
2ND Obstruct Megan LeBlanc Kali Andrews Dance Company
3RD Lost Madison Moonan LIV Travel Dance Company
4TH This is my Hand Kira Marderosian Elite Academy of Dance MA
5TH The Condition Nicole Konides Encore Performing Arts Center
5TH Transcend Alexandra Pignone Loperfido Dance Academy
6TH No Trust Haley Huelsman New England Dance and Gymnastics
6TH The Chain Teresa Uhl Tawn Marie’s Dance Centre
7TH Enigma Grace Luiso Rhythm Dance Company
8TH Purple Rain Sophia Hwang Triple Threat Dance Company
9TH Shadows Brooke Melillo Sarah Kennedy Ballet
10TH Sand Bella Andrews Triple Threat Dance Company
10TH When Doves Cry Allison Forderkonz Tawn Marie’s Dance Centre
1ST Tapestry Olivia Burke Tawn Marie’s Dance Centre
2ND New York State of Mind Jenna Carter Dana Hanes Dance Company
3RD With Your Eyes Alison Parent Karla Pattavina’s Dance Academy
4TH Conspiracy Theories Madelynn Brown The Dance Slipper
5TH Undertow Krystina DerBogosian Karla Pattavina’s Dance Academy
6TH Youth Katelyn Andrade New England Dance and Gymnastics
7TH It’s Possible Meghan Alexander Tawn Marie’s Dance Centre
8TH Human Nature Dylan Gunn Dana Hanes Dance Company
9TH Clocks Kamille Bootman Dance Dimensions
10TH I Will Love You Rachel Mooney Tawn Marie’s Dance Centr

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Nuvo Dance Convention – Indianapolis
Mini  Dance  Dancer  Dance Studio
1st Mack The Knife Brady Amaya Viva Dance Co
2nd Stutter Audrey Mayernik Evolve Dance Complex
3rd May It Be Eliza Mercer Pinnell Dance Centre
4th Vienna Faith Stoner The Pointe PAC
5th Dream A Little Dream Ava Modine Studio 4
6th Saturn Albee Yambor K.Monique’s Studio of Dance
7th Horses Ella Pine K.Monique’s Studio of Dance
8th Miss Invisible Ashlyn Grzelak Integrity Athletics
9th Blue Athena Reel Phoenix Rising Dance Studio
1st Echo Britton Johnson Viva Dance Co
2nd Aftermath Calico Reyes B-Discovered Dance Company
3rd Impov Ying Lei Pham Just Off Broadway
4th Forgotten Arrow Eliza Farr Evolve Dance Complex
5th Hiccup Kierstyn Bass Viva Dance Co
6th The Storm Hannah Webb Stars Performance Crew
7th Unstoppable Piper Conner Just Off Broadway
8th Afterglow Emma Middleton Viva Dance Co
8th Red Football Ava Dupuie Viva Dance Co
9th Human Nature Finley Hostutler The Vision Dance Center
10th Don’t Let Me Down Abella Hellenberg Viva Dance Co
1st The Choice is Yours Brooke Cheek Studio Bleu
2nd Horizons Olivia Beauchamp Viva Dance Co
3rd Early One Morning Delaney Eminger B-Discovered Dance Company
4th Aftermath Olivia Watters Studio 22 High TeK
5th It’s time Amelia Happel Indiana Ballet Conservatory
6th You’re The One Alexandra Manuel Indiana Ballet Conservatory
7th Ethereal Anna Powell Turning Pointe Academy of Dance
8th Angel By The Wing Shelby Casenhiser The Vision Dance Center
9th The Breathing Soul Braylan Enscoe Prestige Dance Center
10th Farewell Julianne Doner Viva Dance Co
10th A New Dawn Maren Goddard Indiana Ballet Conservatory
1st The Kite Mason Mazurek Steps Dance Center
2nd I Will Fall Jordan Slemons Just Off Broadway
3rd Hypericum Maddi Kedrowski Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center
3rd Erupting Light Kenzie Ginter West Michigan Dance Center
4th To Be Alicia Slouffman Just Off Broadway
5th The Loop Nina Rende B-Discovered Dance Company
6th Figuring It Out Grace Calderoni Artistic Fusion
7th Talk To Me Trini Perez Hollywood Dance Company
8th Porcelain Jessica Saylor Hollywood Dance Company
9th Yellow Ledbetter Nathan Lopez Tenacity Dance Company
10th DNA Allie Zucker Studio A Dance Co.


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NYCDA Dance Convention – Kansas City
Mini  Dance  Dancer  Dance Studio
1st I’m In Here Brooklyn Simpson Williams Center Rhythm Factory
2nd After Hours Presley Wild Plumb Performing ARts Center
3rd Viral Canann Blansit Tiffany’s Performing Arts Studio
4th Lips Are Sealed Bailey Albuquerque McKinney Dance Academy
5th Miss Janet Addison Rock Inspire School of Dance
6th Rolling Stone Kenzie VonTalge Columbia Performing Arts Centre
7th The Snow Madeline Halley Inspire School of Dance
1st New Soul Lawson Hooker Williams Center Rhythm Factory
2nd Passing Hayley Wilson Renner Dance Company
3rd Song For Viola Sophia Springer-Iannantuoni Inspire School of Dance
4th Shines Just For You Peyton Wilde Plumb Performing ARts Center
5th Easy Teagan Caughron Theatre Arts
6th Victory March Ayla Piltrain The Dance Complex
7th Moments of Glory Maddie Lourghran Inspire School of Dance
8th Papa Don’t Preach Sophia Curbelo Lents Dance Company
1st Everything Must Change Brianna Keingatti Columbia Performing Arts Centre
2nd Like a River Runs Grace Brown Columbia Performing Arts Centre
3rd Film Credits Jessica Knapp Plumb Performing ARts Center
4th On My Own Ryan Evans Columbia Performing Arts Centre
5th Swim Katie Bien Inspire School of Dance
6th Race To Erase Avria Lindbom Yackel Dance
7th Let it Out! Katie Burville Transcendence Dance Company
8th Brightest Diamond Jillian Bernabe Columbia Performing Arts Centre
9th I Remember Her Kate Echelmeier Columbia Performing Arts Centre
10th Song For Viola Kilee Millar Company Dance Traverse
11th Long Days Grace Fabio Yackel Dance
12th Intro Connor Whitbey Columbia Performing Arts Centre
13th Weathered Grace Skowron Inspire School of Dance
14th Binding Sophie Chuinard Company Dance Traverse
15th Dreaming Katherine Kiessling Company Dance Traverse
1st What Can I Do? Anna Kate Sundvold Columbia Performing Arts Centre
2nd Byegone Griffin Massey Theatre Arts
3rd Internal Disconnect Ellie Sharpe Tiffany’s Performing Arts Studio
4th Heart of Glass Julia Hansch Yackel Dance
5th Boy Cory Sivils Tiffany’s Performing Arts Studio
6th Spell On You Tahnee Klewicki Yackel Dance

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24 Seven Dance Convention – Knoxville
Sidekicks  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1 Apartment 14 G Georgia Beth Peters JBP Entertainment
2 Forget Tya Tyler Nashville School of Dance
3 Fighter Emma Cathcart The Force Dance Project
4 I Had A Dream Winter Anderson- Saurus Nashville School of Dance
5 Broadway Baby Addisyn Wilcher AB Training Facility
1 Winter Song Daphne Eskew Elizabeth Williams School of Dance
2 Always Forever Cadance Eastman Revolution Dance
2 Landslide Rilynn Duncan Charlotte Performing Arts Academy
3 River Camryn Gantt Charlotte Performing Arts Academy
4 Modern Millie Ana Lucia Ferrario In Motion Dance Center
5 Gimme, Gimme Cora Shelton Center Stage Dance Studio
5 Sing Olivia Westmoreland Center Stage Dance Studio
5 Halo Kennedy Dillard Nashville School of Dance
6 Everywhere I Go Izabella Dye Henley Dance Studio
7 Shine Andraia Gordon Henley Dance Studio
7 Forever Young Maggie Beasley All That Dance Studio
8 Dancing Fool Layla Gilmartin All That Dance Studio
9 Used To Be Mine Andrea Solomon Nashville School of Dance
9 Music Makes Me Lose Control Mia Platt All That Dance Studio
9 Lucky Ava Thomas Center Stage Dance Studio
9 Autumn Leaves Jamison Wilson Nashville School of Dance
10 I’m A Lady Georgia Sellers All That Dance Studio
10 When Somebody Loved Me Sophie Rosenblum Nashville School of Dance
1 Point B Ella Kate Macready Revolution Dance
1 Tea Leaves Eden Galloway Center Stage Dance Studio
2 Out Of The Ashes Kelli Reed Floyd Ward School of Dance
2 Le Cirque Bella Saferstein Summit Dance Shoppe
3 Shallows Kyrsten Kirkpatrick Dance Productions – The Remix
3 Obliviation Ava Reese Dance Productions – The Remix
3 One Way Claire Brown Center Stage Dance Studio
4 Fabulous Ava English Knox Dance Worx
5 Wake Me Up Halie Anglin Elizabeth Williams School of Dance
5 Rise Up Brinley Wilson Elizabeth Williams School of Dance
5 Twice Riede Thies Center Stage Dance Studio
6 Soldier Claire Edison Henley Dance Studio
7 Spider Paris Ar Center Stage Dance Studio
7 Landslide Mya Kerestes Center Stage Dance Studio
7 Shelter Emma Kate Brumley Laura’s School of Dance
8 Return Alana Bryant Nashville School of Dance
9 Atlantic Grace Kanipe Center Stage Dance Studio
10 Sunny Side Of The Street Marlee Kerestes Center Stage Dance Studio
10 Safe With Me Kenzie Bankes Revolution Dance
10 Nobody’s Perfect Avery Watson Elizabeth Williams School of Dance
10 Time Isabella Ferrario In Motion Dance Center
1 Summer Meredith Brown Center Stage Dance Studio
2 Unrequited Eliana Hayward Knox Dance Worx
2 Fighting Self Esteem Jenna Petty Dance Productions – The Remix
3 Strange Fruit Sade Holloway Knox Dance Worx
4 Smother Ella Kate Puterbaugh Knox Dance Worx
5 Loved By You Summer Strasser Revolution Dance
6 Keeping Your Head Up Addie Griffin Revolution Dance
6 Fallin’ Livi Woods The Force Dance Project
6 I Miss Her Miah Powers Henley Dance Studio
7 Mother Mary Jade Benton JBP Entertainment
8 Who Do You Think You Are Claire Murray Performance Life Dance Academy
8 My Everything Caroline Bean Elizabeth Williams School of Dance
8 Dark Paradise Remi FiGart Floyd Ward School of Dance
8 Crystals Destiny Patterson In Motion Dance Center
8 Out Here On My Own Lexie McCord Elizabeth Williams School of Dance
9 Skeleton Lydia Kampe Center Stage Dance Studio
9 Rescue Me Cora Belsito Nashville School of Dance
9 Thumbs Adeline Schutzman JBP Entertainment
9 Shape Of My Heart Anna Zwigard In Motion Dance Center
10 Running Kellsie Cooke Revolution Dance
10 Speaking In Tongues Kendra Scott All That Dance Studio
10 Painter Island Shuler Center Stage Dance Studio
1 StrangeWorks Alexia Fouch The Force Dance Project
2 Year Of The Dragon Michael Gladney Nashville School of Dance
3 Act 1 And 2 William Robinson Nashville School of Dance
4 Wounded Animal Caroline De La Rocha Knox Dance Worx
5 For You Caroline Jones Center Stage Dance Studio
6 I Don’t Love You Anymore Corrinne Calhoun Studio Bleu
7 This Is Gospel Mallary Quaderer Elizabeth Williams School of Dance
8 Lost Hope Natalie Fritz Own the Stage Dance Academy
9 Do Not Destroy Isabel Arvanites Palmetto En Pointe
10 Myth Gracie Stanek Center Stage Dance Studio

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Radix Dance Convention – Cleveland
Mini Dance Dancer Studio
1st So Long Harlow Ganz Summit Dance Shoppe
2nd One Beautiful Evening Sarah Georgiana Studio 19 Dance Complex
3rd Trashin’ The Camp Gabby Farmer Innovation Dance Centre
4th This Moment Adison Lenox Epic Dance Complex
5th Soldier Layla Jeyd Studio 19 Dance Complex
6th Walk Out the Door Stella Morris Centre Dance
7th How Long Katie Mason Dance Expressions
8th In The Embers Jeralynn Rudiak Epic Dance Complex
9th Only Fault Ava Briceland Epic Dance Complex
10th It’s About That Walk Joelle Cherry Center Stage Dance Studio
Junior Dance Dancer Studio
1st Answers Elliana Mannella Summit Dance Shoppe
2nd Fate Valentina Acosta The Company
3rd Bring to Light Shay Kaminski Centre Dance
4th After The Ruin Amari Germany Odasz Dance Theatre
5th Castles Talia Booker Studio 19 Dance Complex
6th Breathe Maggie Anzells Artistry in Motion Dance Center
7th Into Darkness Karsyn Durham Epic Dance Complex
8th Satan’s Little Lamb Isabella Baran Noretta Dunworth School of Dance
Teen Dance Dancer Studio
1st Because I Want To Isabella Febbraro Studio 19 Dance Complex
2nd Black Hole Sun Maddie Thanos MVP Dance Elite
3rd Still Can’t Fall Chelsea Bailey On Your Toes Dance Studio
4th Monsoon Alexa DeJeet Elite Dance by Damian
5th Heaven Kiera Reese Studio 19 Dance Complex
6th Heal Ally Taylor 8 Count Dance
7th Chandra Lauren Wainz Company C Dance Club
8th All I Ask Lucy West The Dance House
9th Too Much of Enough Brandon Herron The Company
10th Let The Water Run Sarah Beth Lentz Hudson Conservatory
Senior Dance Dancer Studio
1st Lacrimosa Lauren Yakima Noretta Dunworth School of Dance
2nd Emotional Needs Kate Myers Company C Dance Club
3rd Keep Me Sane Mackie Wison The Dance House
4th Human Touch Brody Pietz Dance Vision
5th The War Isabel Lacon JsquareDance
6th Iron Slade Segerson Noretta Dunworth School of Dance
7th Unravel Me Nikki Budig The Dynasty of Naperville
8th Worlds Jennifer Burlage On Your Toes Dance Studio
9th Drown the Lovers Svetha Nallapaneni Krystie’s Dance Academy
10th Copycat Amanda O’Neill Krista Mihacevich

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