Dance Competition Results October 27 – 29, 2017


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Jump Dance Convention

Nuvo Dance Convention

24 Seven Dance Convention

Radix Dance Convention

Dancemakers Dance Convention

Jump Dance Convention – New Orleans
JumpStart  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1ST Impossible Avery LeSaicherre A Touch of Class Performing Arts
2ND Imagine Kortlyn Martin Cathy Kurth Dance Academy
3RD Queen of the Night Ally Puissegur A Touch of Class Performing Arts
4TH Bonjour Paris Grace Gresham A Touch of Class Performing Arts
5TH The Emerging Rose Bella Rafferty Academy of Ballet and Jazz
5TH Bend n Snap Brynlee Fitzgerald The Movement Dance Academy
6TH Hot Note Khloe Barrow Cathy Kurth Dance Academy
7TH Straight Up McKenna Dorr Laurie Maffei’s Danceworks
8TH Smile Hailey Wimberly Laurie Maffei’s Danceworks
1ST See What I Want Mia Barone Creative Dance
2ND Through the Looking Glass Sunny Benziger New Dimensions Dance Academy
3RD New Beginnings Mary Jordan Clodfelter The Dance Centre
4TH Tense Grace Blanchard A Touch of Class Performing Arts
5TH Chicago Carli Bourgeois Yvonne’s Directions In Dance
6TH Doll Isabel Flores A Touch of Class Performing Arts
6TH Sweet Georgia Brown Phoebe Jouandot A Touch of Class Performing Arts
6TH Sweet Dreams Savannah Johnson A Touch of Class Performing Arts
7TH Just Because Ryleigh Mouret The Movement Dance Academy
7TH Feels Like Home Grace Matthews The Movement Dance Academy
8TH Praying Kate Mouton The Movement Dance Academy
9TH Stay Golden Maddie Isabelle Galloway’s Studio of Dance
10TH Guide Me Home Sarah Davis Roe The Dance Centre
1ST Wave of Thoughts Marion Norris Academy of Ballet and Jazz
2ND I Will Be Your Way Mariella Saunders Jean Leigh Academy of Dance
2ND I Am Human Avery Pesson The Movement Dance Academy
3RD Grounded Madelyn Munz The Project at HTX
3RD Launch Annabelle Mack A Touch of Class Performing Arts
4TH Night of Silence Chloe Barbera To The Pointe Academy of Dance
5TH The Forgotten One Carsyn Caillet DanceSouth
5TH We Stood Tall Chloe Lois Pickrell Academy of Ballet and Jazz
5TH Sarasvati Caroline Ramon The Movement Dance Academy
6TH The Road Less Traveled Ella Thomas DanceSouth
6TH Creep Maggie Ray Academy of Ballet and Jazz
7TH Without the Lights Ainsley Reagan Dobbs ACPA
7TH Fields Of Gold Shasa Cohran Lindsey Claire Dance Company
7TH Back To Life Olivia Sutterfield Sheffield School of the Dance
8TH Vibeology Elise Lafleur The Movement Dance Academy
8TH Medora Variation from Le Corsaire Natalie Boese The Studio School of Dance
9TH Keep Watch Ava Welch A Touch of Class Performing Arts
10TH Would You Julia Haydel The Movement Dance Academy
1ST Descended Creature Christian Burse RISE Dance Company
2ND My Shattered Soul Dabria Aguilar Dance Conservatory of Charleston
2ND All of Me Madison Taylor The Project at HTX
3RD Don’t Worry Lucy Stewart Kinetic Arts Dance Studio
4TH Intruder Josie Jacks Beyond Belief Dance Company
4TH On the Surface Hayden Folse The Movement Dance Academy
5TH Trettanda Paige Landreneau Andalusia Ballet
6TH Our Day Will Come Seton Hulin The Movement Dance Academy
7TH Ashes Annabelle Thrash DanceSouth
7TH Legends Marley Blanchard The Movement Dance Academy
7TH Buried in Treasure Cameron Claire Rhodes Academy of Ballet and Jazz
8TH Mama Knows Best Cheryl Kaye Marshall Beverly’s Dance Unlimited
8TH FALSE Sophie Stockstill The Movement Dance Academy
9TH Feminine Bella Chelette A Touch of Class Performing Arts
9TH Truce Ralyn Johnson On Moving Dance Company
10TH Rush Isabella Rayborn A Touch of Class Performing Arts
1ST Hanging by a Thread Lucy Rogers Academy of Ballet and Jazz
2ND Gone Joei Jacob The Movement Dance Academy
3RD Million Eyes Sara Grace Estill The Pointe Dance Arts
3RD A Whisper Chloe Martin The Project at HTX
4TH Life Lines Aubree Lavergne A Touch of Class Performing Arts
5TH Trilogy Molly Barr Academy of Ballet and Jazz
6TH Border Village Katherine Stanley Academy of Ballet and Jazz
7TH Rapture Kylee Johnson Galloway’s Studio of Dance
7TH Turning In Jenna Tucker Academy of Ballet and Jazz
7TH Missed Abbygail Barras River Dance Centre
7TH Are U There Sage Vickers Sheffield School of the Dance
8TH Paint It Black Kailey Boutte River Dance Centre
8TH Lost on You Jennifer Chapman Academy of Ballet and Jazz
9TH Ain’t No Way Lauren Taylor The Movement Dance Academy
9TH Evergreen JoEllen Mullins Academy of Ballet and Jazz
10TH Stone Cold Kirsten Hood The Pointe Dance Arts

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Nuvo Dance Convention – Calgary
Nubie  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1st Home Alexandra Sandoval YYC Dance Project
1st Im The Greatest Star Ashley Purdie Shelley Shearer School of Dance
2nd Music In Me Ella Clement Shelley Shearer School of Dance
2nd Torn Gabby Tarbay YYC Dance Project
3rd Dreamland Gabriella Sandoval YYC Dance Project
4th Brave Connie Sharabura Springbank Dancers
5th Roses of Scottland Ella Bly Balance Dance Centre
6th Do Something Crazy Skylar Dutrisac VIREO School of Performing Arts
1st My Angel Alexis DeLucas YYC Dance Project
2nd Ooah Emily Armstrong YYC Dance Project
3rd Voices Lane Styles Shelley Shearer School of Dance
4th Abandoned Tristen Toronchuk YYC Dance Project
5th Transcendence Mya McBeth YYC Dance Project
6th Hallelujah Ellory Chiasson YYC Dance Project
7th Not About Angels Anna Rosenberger Shelley Shearer School of Dance
8th Kite Kiley McNeill Shelley Shearer School of Dance
8th Harlee Harlee Crisp Prestige Dance Academy INC
9th Reflecting Taylor Sakwi Shelley Shearer School of Dance
10th Conquer The Fall Mikayla Zarsky Dance Unlimited
1st My Own Mind Brynne Abgrall Shelley Shearer School of Dance
2nd Nerve Leak Carter Williams Center Stage Performing Arts Studio
3rd Storm Kylan Wagner Leader School of Dance
3rd Conscience Lexine Eusebio YYC Dance Project
4th Tinder Taryn Miller YYC Dance Project
4th In The Shadows Emily Gutierrez YYC Dance Project
4th Look Out Brea Franklyn Tri-City Dance Centre
5th Captive Tatum Tanner YYC Dance Project
6th Avian Marie Sandoval YYC Dance Project
6th Ashes Piper Fitzgerald YYC Dance Project
7th Bellyache Ella Johnson YYC Dance Project
8th Kitri Variation Brianna Del Mundo YYC Dance Project
9th Turmoil Natalia Kuzmanovski YYC Dance Project
10th The Hunt Kimberly Newman YYC Dance Project
10th Consolidated Maesie Kostynuik YYC Dance Project
1st Reminiscence Andrea Tarbay YYC Dance Project
2nd This Bitter Earth Lia Loewen Shelley Shearer School of Dance
3rd Desolated Sarah Stephen YYC Dance Project
4th Gold Shaelene Standing YYC Dance Project
5th Improv Aishia Sampson Prestige Dance Academy
6th Breathe Abby Hegseth Danscott Studio
7th Art In Motion Cierrah Houston Shelley’s Dance Company
8th Out Of Darkness Helena Rickards YYC Dance Project
9th Haunted Amber Standing YYC Dance Project
10th Horizons Aquinnah Ma SGSDance

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24 Seven Dance Convention – San Diego
Sidekicks  Dance  Dancer  Studio
1 Big Noise Reegan Francis Danceology
2 White Clouds Esme Chou The Company
3 Circus Cali Cassidy South Coast Conservatory
4 Descending Gia Baca Danceology
5 What A Girl Is Avery Tormey Danceology
6 Why Don’t I Eva Salmen Danceology
7 Me Too Jayda Taylor-Gonzales Danceology
8 Telephone Claire Hansen Danceology
8 True Colors Rya Monday Danceology
9 Embrace The Magic Alani Do Danceology
10 Fight Song Isabella Amini Danceology
1 Escape From Mongolia Savannah Kristich The Rock Center For Dance
2 Improv Crystal Huang
Yoko’s Dance and Performing Arts Academy
2 Found Kamri Peterson Center Stage Performing Arts Studio
2 Sleeping Beauty-Finger Fairy Variation Makaia Roux Danceology
3 Rise Kayla Harrison Danceology
3 Snowfall Sophia Sands Danceology
4 I Can Cook Too Madison Bunce Signature Dance Academy
5 Hope Kendall Jundt Danceology
6 Cry Madison Ortega The HAUS of ROYALS
7 A Blessing Audrey Donnelly Danceology
7 Forgiven Stella Eberts The Company
7 Transduce Laci Stoico OCPAA
8 Air Brooke Toro Danceology
8 Process Patricio Lopez Flash Dance
9 Freak Flag Shea Faassen Inspired Movement Dance
10 The Light That Never Fails Rylie West Touch Of Class
1 Torn Courtney Chiu Studio Fusion
2 Anonymous Charlotte Cogan The Company
2 Caves Kiarra Waidelich The Rock Center For Dance
3 Ne Me Quitte Pas Hailey Meyers Danceology
4 Above Earth Tegan Chou The Company
4 What A Little Moonlight Can Do Emma Hellenkamp Touch Of Class
5 Solitude Brooklin Cooley Club Dance Studio
6 Accustomed To Your Love Allie Andrew Creative Arts Academy
7 Under The Moon Aimee Cho Westside Dance Project
8 Rose Garden Kaitlyn Ortega The HAUS of ROYALS
9 Serenity Paige Kracht Club Dance
10 Ignite Gianna Mojonnier Danceology
1 Mirror Sage Rosen The Company
1 In Conflict Alexis Weldner Danceology
1 Ending Holden Maples Westlake Dance Center
2 Stabat Mater Easton Magliarditi The Rock Center for Dance
2 ArtOfficial Intelligence Ella Horan Creative Arts Academy
2 I Remember Ryann Christensen Studio Fusion
3 Adrift Emily Lim Danceology
3 Lost Jade Bucci Danceology
3 Captive Reyna Pine Danceology
3 Cello Suite No. 1 Keely Meyers Westside Dance Project
3 Diamond Hard Roberta Soto Borja Flash Dance
3 The Haunted Zack Sommer Danceology
3 A Distant Light Ella Melideo The Company
4 Figure 8 Caylie Almada Academy of Ballet Arts
5 Leaving Mia Basila Signature Dance Academy
5 Falling Kennedy Barry Danceology
6 Broken Vow Paige Westbrook The Company
6 Glow Madeleine Tahl Danceology
7 Salt Lilah Bobak Serendipity Dance Co.
8 I Loved You Cienna Hintz Signature Dance Academy
9 Folly Giulia Gleason South Coast Conservatory
10 Watch As You Pass Kate Donnelly Danceology
10 Path Less Taken Alex Andrada Danceology
1 Mister Lucy Vallely Westside Dance Project
2 Answer Me Kaliana Medlock Serendipity Dance Co.
3 Sinister Mister Sky Pasqual Danceology
4 Push The Boat Out Sidney Klock Danceology
5 Smax Ramon Alvarez Baikel Dance Studio
6 Dusk Karalyn Doolaege Pacific Dance
7 My Philosophy Leila Bandringa First Class
8 Settle Down Camille Silverwood Danceology

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Radix Dance Convention – Atlantic City
Mini Dance Dancer Studio
1st Testing The Waters Sienna Schlesinger The Company
2nd Paradox Ava Carroll ProDance
3rd Mad World Nayoung Kwon Triple Threat Dance Company
4th Dance Like Yo Daddy Zora Grantham Tari Jo’s Dance Studio
5th Upside Down Antonia Panico
Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics Academy
6th Stretch Your Eyes Sienna McCarthy ProDance
7th Side Note Brooke Camp ProDance
Junior Dance Dancer Studio
1st Fading Away From the Surface Mallory Barnhart Michelle Latimer Dance Academy
2nd Beautiful Storm Cameron Smith
Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics Academy
3rd Passing Hayley Wilson Renner Dance
4th Invincible Bella Boye PassMore Dance
5th Not About Angels Brittany DiNapoli Encore Performing Arts Center
6th Cage of Bones Olivia Bair Xtreme Dance Studio
7th Fuel to Fire Ava Huntley Triple Threat Dance Company
8th Wolf Kylie Hennelly ProDance
9th Hit the Road Jack Sophia Mastriano Sarah Kennedy Ballet
10th The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Sydnie Tetrick Tari Jo’s Dance Studio
10th True Colors Mia Dougherty
Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics Academy
Teen Dance Dancer Studio
1st Escalate Morgan Perschy Triple Threat Dance Company
2nd NoTrust Haley Huelsman
New England Dance and Gymnastic Centers
3rd The Looking Glass Cassidy Reigel D&J’s Dynamite Dance Company
4th Purple Rain Sophia Hwang Triple Threat Dance Co.
5th Young and Beautiful Jacquelin Ostermueller Cedar Brook Dance Academy
6th Nicest Things Adriane Vanace ProDance
6th Wanna Dance With Somebody Julianna Cauterucci The Jill Justin Dance Alliance
7th Long Days Rebekah Palmer Encore Performing Arts Center
8th Put A Spell On You Abby Nagel
Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics Academy
9th Shadows Brooke Melillo Sarah Kennedy Ballet
10th Birds Set Free Taylor Mortenson
Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics Academy
Senior Dance Dancer Studio
1st Waiving Through A Window Robert Ciszak The Dance Academy of North Jersey
1st If This Is Love Emily McFarland Karla Pattavina’s Dance Academy
2nd Deep End Andrea Posner Encore Performing Arts Center
3rd Like the Swallow Jen Tran Encore Performing Arts Center
4th In Da Club Sabrina Harrison Tari Jo’s Dance Studio
5th Make Me Christina McLaughlin ProDance
6th Anywhere but Here Augustina Mallous
Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics Academy
7th Gangsta Grace Aulabaugh Tari Jo’s Dance Studio

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Dancemakers – Nashville


Miss Junior High Score Imma Boss Tamiya Verge The Dance Academy
Miss Junior 1st Runner-Up Love is Alive Gigi Sanford Ann Carroll School of Dance
Miss Junior 2nd Runner-Up Dance Like Your Daddy Zeta Tucker The Dance Academy
Miss Junior 3rd Runner-Up Work Emerson Dellinger The Dance Academy
Miss Junior 4th Runner-Up Whats My Name Danica Daley Legacy Dance Studio
Miss Pre-Teen High Score In Dreams Olivia Caroline Harris The Dance Centre
Miss Pre-Teen 1st Runner-Up All the Things Lost Olivia Taylor Thrive Dance Company
Miss Pre-Teen 2nd Runner-Up Tamacun Emma Spurling Dance Branson
Miss Pre-Teen 3rd Runner-Up Lose My Breath Molly Wilbourne Dancers Corner
Miss Pre-Teen 4th Runner-Up Ants Marching Isabella Hanson All-Starz Dance Academy
Miss Teen High Score Make you feel my love Maggie Marx Thrive Dance Company
Miss Teen 1st Runner-Up UNREQUITED Eliana Hayward Knox Dance Worx
Miss Teen 2nd Runner-Up Fire Julianne Abenoja Birmingham Dance Theatre
Miss Teen 3rd Runner-Up Human Ashlyn Johnson Thrive Dance Company
Miss Teen 4th Runner Up Thinkin Bout You Brenna Vital The Dance Company, Inc.
Miss Senior High Score Underground Raegan McNeal Element Huntsville
Miss Senior 1st Runner-Up All Again Madeline Underwood Starz Elite Dance Center
Miss Senior 2nd Runner Up The Girl Abigail Alfrey Stage I Dance Academy
Miss Senior 3rd Runner Up Growing Pains Lija Abele The Dance Company, Inc.
Miss Senior 4th Runner-Up Reflection of You Payton Smith North Alabama Dance Center
Mr. Senior 1st Runner Up Better Than You Christian Nesselrotte The Dance Company, Inc.
Mr. Senior 2nd Runner-Up Weak Quinn Hunter-Gilbert Element Huntsville
Mr. Senior High Score Heavenly Father Alex Troupe The Dance Company, Inc.

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