1. I love this and I get this a lot!

    • Glad you like it. Definitely not a bad thing to be dedicated to – dance!

  2. My daughter will love this. A family member recently said this and I replied “I prefer passionate”. 🙂

  3. Oh yesssss…. Thank you.
    This image and caption really resonates with me ‘cos I have had the same “charge” leveled at me about my ballet so many times that there were moments when I wondered if perhaps those cynics who felt I just wasn’t “available” to or for them at their whim were maybe correct.
    But, thankfully [‘ve managed to retain both my self-disci0line and my ‘obsession’.
    And I’m sooooo glad. Now I truly enjoy the anticipation as well as the reality of the exquisite endorphin release and the precursor of dance itself.
    I now know how to tell which few friends I have who are genuine and who care to know about me and ask me things like why and how instead of presuming to tell me their opinion of what is “best” for me.
    Dance is so much Life itself isn’t it……?
    I mean, Life as a performance art and a mental and physical form that is exquisite once you work beyond the barriers. And it surely takes work. Gosh, though, is it ever worth it…..!
    But of course you know this.
    I think somewhere in my mind is a phrase my symphony orchestra musician grandmother once used; something about an old movie that her own mother had talked about. It had had its music score based on classical Chopin I think. Anyway, from memory – and to paraphrase my gran – the movie and its music theme was called something like ‘Magnificent Obsession’ …
    That’s how I feel about ballet; about dance, music and performance art: It’s my ‘Magnificent Obsession’.
    – Alexa. xxxx


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