Dancer Teacher Advice

One of the reader favorites here at YDD was a series we did that allowed readers, both dancers and dance parents, to ask questions to dance teachers.  Here is a list of the most asked topics and the answers from dance teachers.  Enjoy!

Dance Advide From Dance Teachers


Dance Technique:

Sustaining Leaps

Improving Flexibility

Improving Musicality

Tips For Tilts

Strengthening Your Ankles

Tips To Improve Turnout

Tips For Increasing Height In Développé

Increasing the Height of Your Leaps

Mastering More Than A Double Turn

Improving Back Flexibility

Tips For Balancing Your Needle

Tips For Keeping Your Shoulders Down In Leaps & Turns



Learning To Dance Bigger

Getting Comfortable With Improv

Calming Your Nerves Before Going On Stage

When A Dance Calls For Super Cheesy Facials


Dance Life:

How To Stand Out At Dance Conventions

Preparing For Auditions

Finding Additional Training

Summer Dance Training:  Summer Intensives vs. Home Studio



When Your Friends Think You Are The Favorite

Competing Against Friends

When Your Sister Dances Too

Fitting In and Standing Out at a New Studio


Dance Parents:

My Dancer Doesn’t Like Her Solo

When You Feel Your Dancer May Be Falling Behind

She Wants A Solo, But Is She Ready?

Growth Spurts – Dealing With The Inevitable


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