Decking The Halls With Dance Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments For Dancers

Each year we give our three children a new Christmas ornament that relates to something they love to do, a special moment from the past year or a favorite thing that they love at the time – last year my dancer’s ornament was an owl because she was and still is crazy for owls!

Many of her ornaments are dance related.  There was the year she made company, the first time seeing “The Nutcracker”, the first time seeing the Rockettes etc.  Below are a variety of dance Christmas ornaments.  Many of the sites offer a variety of ornaments in various colors.

Dance Christmas Ornaments


Dance Christmas Ornaments


1.  The Rockettes Christmas Ornament – $29.95

2.  Green Tutu Ornament by LinwoodBC on Etsy – $33.00

3.  Ballet Shoes and Tutus – Bling My Glass – $12.00

4.  Love Dance Ornament – Discount Dance Supply – $7.95

5.  Tutu Ornament – Etsy Store – TooTuPrissy – $6.00

6.  Crimson Muse on Etsy – $55.00 – She creates an ornament from a picture of your dancer.

7.  Ballet Dancer From Ornaments and More – $13.99  This site has a wide variety of dance ornaments, but be sure to put in various searches – ballet, dance, Nutcracker etc.  They have personalized tap, jazz and hip hop ornaments as well.


Do you have any favorite dance ornaments on your tree?






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