Don’t Walk, Dance

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Who knew a little music and a dancing traffic signal could get people moving and cut down on jay-walking.  Smart Car installed a new style of traffic signal at a busy intersection in Lisbon, Portugal.  How did they create the movement?  Funny, enough they didn’t hire professional dancers or dancers that aren’t professionals, but they want you to think they are – that’s right Free People, I’m looking at you.  Instead, they set up a dance booth where pedestrians could come by and show off their dance moves and create the movement of the little dancing guy on the signal – how fun is that.  Love creative minds.

So, not only was Smart Car creative, but they were uh hum, smart – this little experiment cut down jaywalking by 81 percent and it seemed to put a little spark of happiness in the pedestrian’s day as well.

Check out the video below, but be warned the song is catchy, but it does contain an expletive – rhymes with sass.

So fun, who wouldn’t want to bust out some moves and entertain their fellow pedestrians.

Oh and shout out to reader Christy who sent me this “must-see” video!


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