Fitting In & Standing Out At A New Studio

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Reader Question:

How can I fit in at a new dance studio?  I just moved and I really want to stand out.  How do I get to know their style?

Fitting In At A New Studio


That’s a good question!  First off don’t walk in like you know everything or are better than others. Go in with an attitude of wanting to learn. Pay close attention to the teachers and ask questions; if there are things you are not getting, don’t be shy. Be observant of behavior that others are demonstrating in class and take note of what is expected of you. This may be very different from the studio you came from. Take all corrections and apply them. Don’t brush off what the teachers are telling you. Ask the other girls while waiting to go into class to help you if there is something you are struggling with. This will also give you a chance to get to know them. Take every class you have the opportunity to take, and be willing to try new styles!

Moving studios is tough, especially if you don’t know most of the students that already go there! I have several brand new students at my studio this year.  Some things I’ve really appreciated from them as new students is asking for private lessons, when they ask me to send them videos I take of their dances in class, and also their enthusiasm towards the studio in general! Also, pay attention in your classes to who stands out! Pick someone with beautiful technique, emotion, and style, and try to emulate that but at the same time make it your own!

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