Gearing Up For The New Dance Season

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Between friends and readers, it sounds like there were lots of dance gifts left under the tree!  From tap boards, to leotards, booty shorts, hip hop shoes, turning boards, tickets to performances, and intensive tuitions, there are some very blessed dancers.  My own dancer received a dance bag that she is in love with – so pleased.  I’ll be writing a review this week – love when we find a spacious solution to hold all of her dance necessities.

I love this time of year, other than it has been so hot in North Carolina that it didn’t feel much like the Christmas weather we are accustomed to having!  So much for all those sweaters and winter coats.  I love that we have had a break from dance – yes, I do!  This always marks the time of year for us before things get crazy busy and I love that we get to spend time with most of our family before our schedule picks up a bit.  Carving out family time is of utmost importance to me.  Having all of my children home and having dinner at the same time – its a gift!  If you have a dancer or other children in a variety of activities, I know you can relate.  And, its a great time for my dancer to rest her feet a little.  Bless dancers and their hardworking feet!

We are excited about the start of the dance season!  Dress rehearsal is coming up and our first official competition is right around the corner.  Some dancers from our studio, participated in an optional convention in the fall, but attending the first competition with all the dances always feels like the official kick-off to the season!  Can’t wait to see the dances from our own studio and others!

So what about you?  Are you ready for a new dance competition season?


  1. We have one more week off and then I will be ready! So nice to have a break. My daughter received new dancewear for Christmas so she is ready to go back!

    • New dancewear is always an exciting reason to go back! Enjoy the rest of your break!

  2. Hey Angie! Just wanted to say thank you for your help in finding A’s gift. She loves it! We are enjoying our break too – on our way back home today!

    • I’m so glad!!! Happy to help! Safe travels home.


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