Hamstring Stretches To Improve Flexibility

One of the questions most asked by “Your Daily Dance” readers is how to improve flexibility.  It’s summer and many dancers are ready to focus on gaining more flexibility over the next few months.  Check out the video below from Krista and Autumn Miller of KBM Talent.  They demonstrate how a couple of simple stretches can really help you improve your splits, leaps and leg holds.  Practice daily and you will begin to see results.

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  1. I have a problem with my control and strength. I can’t hold things as long as others. Please help

  2. Stretching is key to flexibility for sure. Warm up stretches and cool down stretches are key as well as at home stretching. I try to encourage my little ones to practice stretching in everyday life, while waiting in line with mom somewhere or during recess at school. It can be fun!

  3. Leah Schwichtenberg

    I need inner hip stretches. When I try to hold my splits my hip starts hurting

    • My hips were hurting last week… when I went to the doctor she said I had a life meant strain. If they are hurting when you lift your leg you might want to see a doctor. If you don’t it could get worse.

  4. *What can I do to get my splits totally?* I really want to know because I want to impress my dance instructor.

    Could you PLEASE help!!!

    • Avery Mcglothlin

      Hello 🙂 I am in the pre professional program and the Ballet Conservatory. Voted as “Out-Standing School” at YAGP. The teacher who taught this to me has studied ballet in all the countries in Europe and has taught at Juliard and SMU. This is going to sound strange, but all you want to do is get 2 squishy balls (even squishies would work!) and place one underneath one knee in a butterfly position, and the other on the middle of the hamstring on the other leg (extended) Breathe in for 4 counts, and out for 4. Do this about ten times. Repeat on other side. I cannot even tell you how much it helps!

  5. So, I have been trying to get my splits for a long time. And i want to impress my ballet teacher by being able to do the splits before we reopen from our break.
    Please help me.


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