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Ideas For An At-Home Dance Space

Gorgeous Well Lit Dance Space at home

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Its been a while since we have taken a look at some of the creative options other parents have come up with in order to create a dance space in their home for their dancers. Below, you will find some awesome ideas we’ve come across. Whether you’re plotting to craft your very own dance area or aiming to design a room that serves double duty for both dance and exercise, definitely revisit our previous post. We go over everything you need to think about to make your at-home dance area the best it can be. Plus, don’t miss the photos below for inspiration on transforming even the tiniest of spaces into a perfect spot for dance practice.

Click each photo to go to Houzz.com and get more details on how the space was created.

Creating A Dance Space At Home For Your Dancer

1.  Love this girly space and the area to store the yoga mats.

2. How fun is this a dance space and a glam station all in one!

3. So Fun!!! Love the pink and the wallpaper and the fabulous lighting!

4. This would be the perfect space for a teen dancer. The black and white photos add an elevated touch and could feature favorite pictures of your dancer or dancers who inspire them.

5. The artwork, flowy curtains and fan fixture offer a unique touch to this dance space.

6. This home dance studio boasts an integrated bookcase, perfectly designed for showcasing trophies, medals, and awards. Ideal for competitors, this feature provides a dedicated space to celebrate your achievements without compromising the ample room available for dancing.

7. The dance space is great, but check out that dance statue.

8. Combining the space to suit both dance and working out, allows everyone in the family to use the space.

9. Not ready to commit to hanging a barre on the wall? No worries, there are plenty of portable options.

10. The shelves over the windows offer a great space to display your dance achievements!

11. Dance space and a clothing rack. This could be a great option for storing your dance costumes in between dance competitions or recital.

12. A great dance space doesn’t always have to be girly, check out this rustic look for inspo.

13. Not sure which is more fun – the dance space or these doors!

14. A simple space works too!

15. This wallpaper brightens this space.

15. Great way to make a long narrow room look a bit bigger. Love all the various lighting and wall shelves for photos and trophies. The flooring is a fun touch as well!

16.  Perfect little spot for a little dancer Рlove how they made the most of this recessed area of the room.

Which room is your favorite? Do you have a dance room in your home? How did you style it?

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  1. I love each and every one of these ideas and how they are all so different. Practice makes perfect with any sport or hobby and we love it when our little dancers create a space at home to practice even more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. J whitney says:

    Where do you buy a big piece of mirror like these? Love these ideas!

    1. Amazon has great ones!

      1. Debbie Aalto says:

        Could you tell me where you got a mirror like this?

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