Labeling Garment Bags For Dance Competitions and Recitals

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Updated: November 29, 2015

With a few years of dance competitions under our belt, if there is one thing I have learned it is to be as prepared as possible. Especially when it comes time for quick changes in crowded dressing rooms.  Labeling your garment bags is a great way to put the most important info you need in one easy to see spot.

We have a Dream Duffel and use their garment bags which we love.  They have lots of pockets for all your various costume accessories and a pocket on the outside where you can insert a label.  If your garment bags don’t have a pocket, simply print the information on a packaging label and adhere it to your garment bag.  For those of you with pockets on your garment bags, here is what I have found to be helpful.

1.  Pick a piece of scrapbook paper that is similar in color to the costume.  This helps if you have a busy transition and you or your dancer are not able to hang up a costume immediately.  When you do get a moment to hang up the costumes, you don’t have to figure out which costume goes in which bag.

2.  Next, type up the name of the dance and the costume details.  At the beginning of the season, trying to keep up with hair accessories and where they go can be a challenge.  Having them listed gives you a quick reference during quick changes.  If you have hairstyle changes and/or lipstick changes, this is a great place to make note of those as well.


3.  Make sure to include your dancer’s name, a cell phone number where you can be reached and studio name.  Things happen – costumes are placed on the wrong rack or left somewhere by accident etc.  This information will allow someone to get in touch with you.  Even if someone from your studio finds the costume, this will help them quickly identify to whom the costume belongs.


Project Details:

  • Scrapbook paper measures:  3 3/4″ x 5 1/2″  This fits perfectly in the garment bag slot.
  • Dance details paper – I try to make the font as big as I can depending on how many details I need to include.  Just cut to fit.
  • Glue white print out to scrapbook paper.
  • Place information in the pocket.


We hope this tip makes your next quick change go a little smoother!  Do you have any quick change tips?




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  1. We do this, and I took it one step further this season. I took my label maker and labeled all of the zipper pockets on the back of the bag. For example, one pocket says “white bootie shorts”, one says “tan tights/black fishnet tights”, one says “hair bows”, etc. That way my daughter (9yo) can be responsible for packing her own garment bags (which I then double and triple check before packing in the duffel).

    1. Great idea Tara! I love my label maker. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have a Dream Duffel and use their garment bags which we love. They have lots of pockets for all your various costume accessories and a pocket on the outside where you can insert a label.

  3. We have a popup laundry hamper that my daughter throws everything in as she takes it off. That way, I can take my time hanging things back up and she doesn’t lose anything!

  4. Binder clips work great to hold your costume/accessory list, and they slip over the hanger for easy to read access!

  5. Love this idea! Where do you get the clear heavy duty garment bags. Thanks!!

  6. I do this too, but add a little more information including when to arrive, when to dance and awards. I also put the day and how long she has before next dance at the top. And what number this is (ex. 3/5)

    At the bottom I put instructions to prepare for next dance.

    This is unfortunately her last year – I am so sad, but at the same time CANNOT WAIT for her to hot the stage – she is on 15 teams this year!!

    EXAMPLE:Open Top 5 – 3/5 Sunday (15 min)

    Arrive 6:30 Dance 7:55 Awards 9:45

    black poofy sleeves Black tights to calf

    spanx/camisole earrings/hairbow/HEAD PIECE

    bra Tan jazz shoes

    Remove open costume – ADD Jazz – Black tights to calf – jazz shoes – REMOVE HEADPIECE

  7. I like your idea to type up the names of the dance and costume details to help keep everything organized and straight. My daughter goes to dance competitions all the time and I always get nervous we’re going to lose something. I’ll have to buy her a dance bag specifically for competitions.

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