Low Side Bun Tutorial

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Our hair style for dance this year is the low side bun with a deep part.  This is not a style we have used previously for competitions, so I decided to check out some tutorials on YouTube – always a great resource!  I used the tutorial below for some guidance and made a few additional steps to ensure my dancer’s bun would not fall out.

Additional Steps We Use:

1.  I spray my dancers hair with a spray bottle prior to putting it into a low ponytail.

2.  I gel my dancers hair after wetting it and prior to putting it in the ponytail.  This ensures that her hair will be smooth and sleek.

3.  Because my dancer has thinner hair, I use a teasing comb that I purchased at Sally Beauty supply to tease the ponytail, prior to twisting it in a bun.  We purchased this one and it works great.

4.  In addition to the hairpins, I use bobby pins to secure extra pieces and make sure that bun is not going anywhere!

5.  When complete, I cover the bun with a hairnet to match my dancers hair color.

I was surprised to find this style much easier than I anticipated.  At dress rehearsal, I managed to change my dancers hair from a high bun to the side bun in just a few minutes.


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