The Make-up Kit For Dancers

The dancers have trained, the choreography is done, costumes have been chosen and it’s performance time.  Most dance teachers prefer for all of their dancers to look uniform on stage – hair styled the same way, buns the same height, and make-up that allows the dancers to blend together and perform as one.  There are so many shades of lipstick that sending parents out to buy pink lipstick without being specific could result in a variety of shades of color.

This is where the Artistry Dancer’s Make-up Kit comes in.  Dance teachers and studio owners can choose from a variety of palettes to create the desired look for their dancers.  These make-up kits cut out the hassle of running around from store to store looking for various colors of blush and lipstick and it ensures that everyone will be wearing the same make-up on stage.

Artistry make-up


There are three make-up kit options available to meet your needs and budget.  Artisty is proud to be the brand of choice for Miss America and Skate Canada.  For more information on Artistry make-up, how to order and the palette options available, check out Artistry’s Dancer’s Make-up Kit here.


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