Marley Turning Boards For Dancers

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Is your dancer interested in working on her turns at home?  Does she almost have a certain turn, but just needs a bit more practice before she nails it?  Portable marley turning boards are a favorite among dancers.  They allow your dancer to transform a space of your home into the perfect spot to practice turns.  A carpeted bedroom can now become a spot to focus on additional training and improvement.  Concerned about hitting a turn section of a dance when you’re at a competition?  Don’t want to worry about getting time to warm up before you take the stage.  These turning boards are lightweight and portable such that you can take them on the road with you and warm up in a quiet spot away from everyone else.  There are several different sizes and shapes available.  Check out the options below.

If your dancer already has  a turning board and you would like to share your experience and which type of board you have, leave a comment below.

Dance Diva Turning Boards:  $109.99

dance Diva Turning Boards












Dancing Disc:  $99.99

dancing disc










Turnmaster Turn Board:  $165

Turnmaster Turn Board Sadie Jane















Dot2Dance: $69.50 – $350




  1. These platforms go very well with the Balletboard®. They can be set up with limited space allowing you to practice your turns and spotting just about anywhere. Makes for an excellent combo.

  2. Many of our students have the Dot2Dance board and love them.


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