Mia Michaels Dance Quotes

You may be familiar with Mia Michaels through “So You Think You Can Dance” or from attending The Pulse dance convention.  She has a reputation of having high expectations and being tough on her dancers.  Whatever she’s doing, it works.  Her passion for dance shows in both her work and her words.

Why on earth would you want to look like anyone else, dress like anyone else, be someone else, when you are a legend in your own right?

When dancers just do steps, it’s too perfect.  I want dancers to show who they are as individuals, to get a little dirty.  It’s about taking risks to find out who you are.

If you dance with your heart, your body will follow.

The beauty of art is that there are no rules.

Ego paralyzes the creative spirit… Let it go and be brilliant!

Be inspired.  Have healthy competition with the people around you but very much stay on your own tasks and stay focused and just continue to push yourself to the highest level possible.

In her own words:


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