Nationals Travel Tip


Dance expenses add up throughout the year and if your dance company travels for Nationals, then that is an expensive week as well.  Many families turn a trip to Nationals into a family vacation.


Travel Tip:

Consider this travel tip when planning your week.  Once you know your destination, you can begin to plan.  Check with sites like Living Social and Groupon for deals on activities or restaurants you would like to try while you are in the area.  Consider if there are days where you and your dancer would like to watch teammates and perhaps your spouse and other children would like to venture out for an activity.

Things To Consider:

Be sure to check dates before purchasing.  You don’t want to buy a deal and then realize it will expire prior to your arrival.

Research Restaurant and Activity Reviews prior to making a purchase.

How do you plan for a trip to Nationals? 



  1. Great tip. We did this last year before heading to Nationals in Galveston, TX. This year, however, we are going on a cruise – no Groupons for that trip. 😉

    • Hi Tara!

      Glad to hear you were able to get some deals! A cruise this year – are you doing Celebrity at Sea Nationals? That looks so fun.

      • Yes, we are doing Celebrity! I can’t wait!! I’ve never cruised before, and I’m super excited to get to do it with all my dance mom friends. 🙂

        • That sounds so fun. Our studio considered that one year! Maybe in the future!!


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