New Years Dance Goals From Your Daily Dance Readers

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New Year, Fresh Start, New Goals!  It’s the perfect time to think about those dance goals for the upcoming year.  We asked what your goals are for 2015.  Here is what you said.

DAnce Goals 2015


“Strengthen my ankles so I can get my pointe shoes” – S.T.

“Earn a scholarship at a dance convention” – A.E.

“Get my needle– J.F.

“Learn to do my triple on my left and my right” – L.F.

“Finally, get my middle split– P.B.

“To become more flexible– H.H.


“To place in overalls with my solo” – J.L.

“To work my way from the back row to the front” – S.R.

“To be accepted to a summer intensive” – L.T.

“To earn a duet or solo for next year” – T.M.

“To get my switch leap on both sides” – H.A.

“Not to travel in my fouettes” – B.B.

“To try out for a more intense studio” – L.D.

“Dance More!!!” – M.M.

“Get out of my comfort zone.  Try new styles” – T.E.

“Soak in every dance moment for my senior year” – L.L.

“To really apply every correction so I can be a better dancer” – M.E.

“To take more ballet, even though it’s not my favorite” -N.S. 

“Get my pointe shoes” – T.N.

Pointe shoes

“Learn how to do my own competition hair and make-up” – A.S.

“Be better at improv” – M.J.

“To remember that I am competing against myself and to improve at each competition” -R.L.

What are your dance goals for 2015? Share with us in the comments below!



  1. My goal is to stretch every day!!


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