Overextended Leaps

Reader Question:

How do I get my leaps overextended?  Please help!



One thing you can do is work on your over split. The best way to do this is by working on stretches and increasing flexibility. I recommend doing a rotation of stretches daily and alternate what stretches you’re doing on different days. You can check out Resistance Bands if you haven’t already. These are a wonderful tool to increase stretching and flexibility. Make sure you are targeting all muscles including your back and core!  As you are working on these, continue to work on your leaps daily. Ask your teacher if she sees anything you need to improve on or do differently. Do this on more than one occasion to make sure you are not developing any bad habits. There are no shortcuts. It takes hard work and dedication. Some dancers may get them more quickly than others but hang in there! Your hard work will pay off!




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