Pop-Up Changing Tents

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Depending on the venue, changing areas can be a little less than private.  While some people may argue that if you are in this environment, you have to learn to get undressed and roll with it, there are some children that need a bit more time to be comfortable with that and for those dancers, these pop-up changing tents can be a dream come true.  Sometimes, it may not even be a privacy issue as much as it is a space issue.  Overcrowded dressing room?  Find and available spot elsewhere and get changed in the privacy of your own portable changing tent.  If you have have attended a dance competition, you have probably seen one of these changing areas in action.  They are light weight, and fold into themselves for easy transportation.  At $22.95, they aren’t a bad price for a little privacy for your dancer.


Pop up changing room tent

Portable Changing Room

Pop-up changing room tent

Portable changing tent


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