Reader Question: Dance Competition Pricing

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I have a question about dance competition pricing.  We are new to all of this and I have paid my competition fees and my daughter is very excited about her first competition coming up.  But, as I add all this up, I’m wondering if there is a mistake.  How are group dances priced and does it vary by competition?



Welcome to the world of dance competitions.  The pricing can be a lot to absorb when you are new to the dance world!  For group dances, prices are figured per dancer in the group.  So, for instance, a small group (4 – 9 dancers), a large group (10 – 19 dancers), and a line (20 or more dancers) will have a price per dancer.  Typically, the price for group dances is about $45 (extended time – longer dances, may be priced a little higher).  So each dancer pays $45 to be in that dance.  This price applies if it’s 4 dancers or 20.  So say the dance is a 3-minute dance – if there are 4 dancers, that dance would cost $180 to compete.  If there are 10 dancers in the dance, the studio would pay $450 to enter that dance in the competition.  So the total price varies only by the number of dancers.  As a parent, your price for your child to compete is based on the number of dances she is in and if it’s a group, solo or duet/trio.  For a dancer to compete a solo, it is usually around $110 and for duets/trios, the price is usually $55 per dancer.  Prices do vary a bit by competition.  Also, if it is a convention (dancers take classes from a variety of dance professionals) and a competition, there will be a price to take those classes as well.  It can be a bit confusing, but hopefully, this helps in evaluating what you have paid for your dancer to compete this year.  Enjoy your season!  You will learn so much.



  1. I know how this works. I have two DDs but when you read it like 10 dancers on stage for $45 a piece = $450 for 3 minutes! I had never really thought of it that way. I know competitions have a lot of expenses, but jeez. That’s a lot of money for a 3 minute dance.

  2. We started off really slowly with our daughter. Didn’t think it was that much. Now that she is a teen, she has had to say no to some dances simply because we can’t afford it. It’s tough when you see a really strong dance from your studio and you know you could have been a part of it but had to say no. It’s life though.


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