Rhee Gold’s Dance Competition Webinar Part 1

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Rhee Gold's Dance Competition Webinar Part 1

In today’s world of so many leveled dance competitions, listening to Rhee Gold discuss how dance competitions used to be – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place or Gold, Silver, Bronze you may wonder how we ever got to levels, Platinum Plus Crystal Ball Superstar etc.! Listen to his webinar as he raises some interesting questions about what the purpose is of the dance competition experience and how we have gotten to the everyone needs to win something mentality. Would you be okay with attending dance events year after year and not winning? I’m pretty sure most parents I know would assume the teacher was not qualified and move on to a studio that was winning. Do you prefer the dance convention style competition where typically everyone is competing against everyone else attending or do you prefer to only compete against someone taking the same amount of dance you take?



  1. Monica L Campolongo

    I remember attending one of your competitions when I was in my teen years in Pittsburgh. One year I finally achieved a Gold Medal and I was never so proud but the “special award” somehow meant more. I think a lot of people find that odd… but it made me feel like wow they really enjoyed my performance.

    I think the scoring of competitions are so complicated now days.

    I completely agree with your take on how and why things have gone where they have.


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