Rolling Make-up Cases

I have had a few questions about where to find the lighted rolling make-up cases that are featured on the show Dance Moms.  I have to admit, what girl would not want to have one of these, but be warned, they are not inexpensive – at least not for my budget!

Here is the rolling case with the lights:

This case can be ordered from and is currently $595!










Here is another, slightly less expensive version of the case above.

This case is offered by NYX Cosmetics and is $500.


The other rolling case the dancers use on the show is a rolling makeup case that looks like this:

These can be found on Yazmo in a variety of colors and patterns and are much less expensive than the lighted versions above.  The price is $159.95.  Still a lot more than the train case we use, but super cute and could come in handy if you have several dancers.

I’m curious if anyone has seen one of the rolling lighted cases at a competition this year?



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