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So excited for what looks like will be a great Season 10 So You Think You Can Dance Top 20.  What a diverse group of dancers.  Be sure to follow your favorites on Twitter & Instagram.   Also, check out the Dance Plug’s behind the scenes interviews below the list of dancers.

Top 10 Girls SYTYCD Season 10

1. Alexis Juliano (tap) – Dance FX – Same as Tiffany Maher

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10alexis

2. Amy Yakima (contemporary) – Noretta Dunworth School of Dance

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10amy

3. Brittany Cherry (ballroom) – Buddy Schwimmer’s Dance Center & Edge Performing Arts Center

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10brittany

4. Hayley Erbert (contemporary) – Priscilla & Dana’s School of Dance

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10hayley

5. Jasmine Harper (contemporary) – North Carolina Dance Theatre

Twitter &  Instagram:  dance10jasmineh

6. Jasmine Mason (jazz) – Mather Dance Co.

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10jasminem

7. Jenna Johnson (ballroom) – Still Motion – Stacey Tookey’s Dance Company

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10jenna

8. Makenzie Dustman (contemporary) –  Murrieta Dance Project

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10makenzie

9. Malece Miller (contemporary) – Infinity Dance

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10malece

10. Mariah Spears (hip hop) – Artistic Motion Dance

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10mariah

Top 10 Guys SYTYCD Season 10

1. Aaron Turner (tap) – Bunker Dance Center

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10aaron

2. Alan Bersten (ballroom)

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10alan

3. Carlos Garland (contemporary) – Douglas Anderson School of Arts, Jacksonville University

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10carlos

4. Curtis Holland (tap)

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10curtis

5. Dorian BluPrint Hector (animation) – Dragon House Crew

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10bluprint

6. Fik-Shun Stegall (animation)

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10fikshun

7. Jade Zuberi (animation)

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10jade

8. Nico Greetham (contemporary) – Strictly Rhythm Dance Center

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10nico

9. Paul Karmiryan (ballroom)

Twitter & Instagram:  dance10paul

10. Tucker Knox (contemporary) – Juilliard
Twitter & Instagram:  dance10tucker
SYTYCD Season 10 – Meet: Alexis, Amy, Brittany, Hayley, Jade, Paul

[youtube 0v30TWJBGs4]


SYTYCD Season 10 – Meet: Alan, Curtis, Emilio, Jenna, Malece, Mariah, Nico

[youtube -dsleYXbbYU]





  1. I’m pretty happy with how it rurned out, considering that there were no ballet dancers left. I read it over the dancer profiles on the website, and it appears everyone has trained in everything (ballet, tap, jazz at least) except Fik-Shun, Blu-Print and Jade.

    • It is always interesting how they try to label each dancer with a style when they do have training in several styles. The girls are strong this year!

      • That’s so cool!
        Speaking of doing great, they’re all so versatile, I wonder how America is going to be able to get rid of anyone… even when they have “different” styles. I mean, I guess votes won’t come out exactly the same, but still.

        • I agree Kathrine. I thought the other night, for the girls in particular, there is not one dancer that doesn’t stand out in some way. In the past there have been dancers that I would think, they will be out in the first few weeks. It’s going to be really competitive. I have too many favorites at this point! 🙂


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