Songs About Depression

Songs about depression can bring comfort and understanding that you are not alone. They can also inspire a dance or provide an improv moment that helps you get out some of the stress and worry that is weighing you down. And sometimes, it can be the song you need to hear as you are driving down the road pondering life.

1You Don’t Know – Katelyn Tarver

“I know you’ve got the best intentions
Just trying to find the right words to say
Promise I’ve already learned my lesson
But right now I wanna be not okay”

2Keep Breathing – Ingrid Michaelson

“I want to change the world, instead I sleep.
I want to believe in more than you and me.
But all that I know is I’m breathing.
All I can do is keep breathing.”

3A Little Too Much – Shawn Mendes

“Sometimes it all gets a little too much
But you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up
And you don’t have to be afraid, because we’re all the same
And we know that sometimes it all gets a little too much”

4Save Myself – Ed Sheeran

“So before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself
And before I blame someone else, I’ve got to save myself
And before I love someone else, I’ve got to love myself”

5Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.

“When your day is long
And the night
The night is yours alone
When you’re sure you’ve had enough”

6The Sound of Silence – Brooke Fraser

“Hello darkness, my old friend,
Ive come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,”

7Anything Worth Holding On To – Cynthia Erivo & Oliver Tompsett

“Lately it seems
I’ve lost inspiration
it feels like it’s miles away
I sleep through the day”

8Dark Times – The Weeknd

“In my dark times I’ve still got some problems I know
Driving too fast but just moving to slow
And I’ve got something I’ve been trying to let go
Pulling me back every time”

9Mad World – Jasmine Thompson

“And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had”

10Autopilot – Kodaline

“Feels like an empty space
You don’t enjoy the taste
I just need a place to hide
Somewhere to make you right”

11Waves – Dean Lewis

“There is a swelling storm
And I’m caught up in the middle of it all
And it takes control
Of the person that I thought I was”

12By The Grace of God – Katy Perry

“Thought I wasn’t enough and I wasn’t so tough
Laying on the bathroom floor
We were living on a fault line
And I felt the fault was all mine
Couldn’t take it any more”

13lovely (with Khalid) – Billie Eilish

“Isn’t it lovely, all alone
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
Tear me to pieces, skin to bone
Hello, welcome home”


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