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As usual, music is always a big part of SYTYCD and this year is no different!  While you may not want to go out and choreograph a dance to the music on SYTYCD, you may just be introduced to some new artists which is always a plus.

Here is your round up for this week’s dances.  Check out the music playlist at the bottom to hear clips of these songs.

Fik-Shun & Mariah

Mariah really surprised me – she was great in this dance.

Choreographer:  Luther Brown

Song:  “Ball” T.I. feat. Lil Wayne


Makenzie, Jasmine Harper, Nico, & Tucker

Love Sleeping At Last and knew I would like this dance.  I’m really excited to see more of this group.  Love Makenzie.

Choreographer:  Stacey Tookey

Song:  Goes On and On by Sleeping At Last


Alexis, Curtis & Aaron

So excited for all the tappers out there.  In our house, Alexis was quickly recognized as the tapper from Tremaine.  Can’t wait to see what else she can do.

Choreographer:  Anthony Morigerato

Song:  You Really Did It (Live) by Jason Mraz (not on iTunes)


Jade & BluPrint

So fun to see these two perform together.

Choreographer:  Chris Scott

Song:  Trigger (Original Mix) by  Kezwik feat Mel Presson


Carlos, Haley & Malece  

While I know Stay is a popular song, I’ve been waiting to see a dance performed to it.  They did a great job and I thought the girls costumes were gorgeous.

Choreographer:  Mia Michaels

Song:  Stay by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko


Brittany, Jenna, Paul, & Alan

Liked the dance, but was a little surprised by the song choice since it is popular in the dance competition world, but maybe not so much in the ballroom world.

Choreographer:  Louis Van Amstel

Song:  Wings by Little Mix


Amy & Jasmine Mason 
I can’t wait to see more of these two – loved this dance.

Choreographer:  Sonya Tayeh

Song:  Enjoy by Bjork


Top 10 Guys 

This was my favorite dance of the night.  Anyone else wonder if they were going to get sand in their eyes.  So creative – loved it.

Choreographer:  Christopher Scott

Song:  Sand by  Nathan Lanier feat. Karen Whipple


Top 10 Girls

What a fun dance!  Love this group of girls – so strong.  Anyone still singing Let’s Have a Kiki?

Choreographer:  Ray Leeper

Song:  Let’s Have A Kiki (Guwremix) by Fanny Pak and District 78 – not on iTunes, but there is a Glee version available.


Top 20 Dance

Choreographer:  Sonya Tayeh

Song:  Ghost Of Sky (Epic Dub) by Steed Lord

Which dance was your favorite?



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