Team Bonding Ideas

Team Bonding

Sometimes it’s nice to step outside the studio, take a break from rehearsals and classes and enjoy some good old fashioned team bonding. A friend from another studio recently asked if I had any suggestions for team bonding activities and what things my dancer had done in the past. 


After brainstorming a bit, here are a few suggestions:

  • Out for ice cream

  • Bowling Night

  • Sleepover

  • Go see a dance movie

  • Attend a ballet or musical

  • Pool Party

  • Cookout

  • Picnic at a park

  • Day at the lake or beach

  • Movie and Pizza Night at someone’s home

  • Team party – games and snacks (we have done this before – more on that in another post)

  • After rehearsal – order pizza and have dancer’s bring a dessert

Secret pals or Big Sis/Lil Sis – give a small gift before each competition and reveal who your secret pal is prior to your dance recital.  Be sure to set a dollar amount and ask parents to please stick with this so feelings are not hurt and there is not competition on who got the best/most expensive gift. 

If you have dancer’s who are traveling a considerable distance to the studio, keep that in mind when planning activities.  If you do have dancer’s traveling from other places, planning something after a rehearsal may work best. Also, it’s always a good idea to check with your studio owner before planning anything.  She/He may have something in mind they would like to do or they may have some guidelines on how they would like these events to be planned. 


What are some things your teams or company have done for team bonding?  If you have any additional ideas or suggestions, leave a comment below. 





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