Tiny Pretty Things Soundtrack

Ballet Dancers Tiny Pretty Things
Image Source: Netflix

Did the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things draw you in as quickly as it did us? If so, you are probably not only hooked on the dancing but also the music throughout the series. We’ve rounded up the songs from Tiny Pretty Things so you don’t have to. Favorites from the Tiny Pretty Things soundtrack are hard to choose, but here are a few we have on repeat – Slow Dive by CLAVVS, Don’t Kill My Vibe by Sigrid, Superstition by Jon Bryant, and Passion and Pain Taste The Same – Tove Lo.

Episode 1 – “Corps”

“Monster” by Irene and Seulgi

“Time Wastin'” – Masia One & XXXSSS Tokyo

“Ill Wind” – Jody Glenham and The Dreamers

“My Man” – Crush Club feat. Nicki B The Vagabond

“Tell You Why” – Soliterre

“I Know A Place” by Muna

“Slow Dive” by CLAVVS

“Glowing In The Dark” – Emily Rowed

Episode 2 – “Range of Motion”

“Advantage Points” – Chilly Gonzales

“Show You Love” – Tritonal feat. Shanahan

“Crave” – La+ch

“Standing Still” – Emily Rowed

“Sound of Breaking” – Faunea

Also featured in Episode 4 – Dance Dance Revolution

“Don’t Kill My Vibe” – Sigrid

Episode 3 – “Class Act”

“A Dream Within Reason” – Dralms

“Calling Out” – Bobby feat. Hannie

Tippin’ – Saba Joon

“Summertime” – Josh Sahunta

“Shame Resurrection” – Andrea Di Giovanni

“One Night Stand” – Tom Boy

“Nightmare” – Halsey

Episode 4 – Dance Dance Revolution

“00100” – Phono Pony


“You?” – Two Feet

“Drowning” – Bratboy


“Broken” – Patrick Watson

“Love In A Modern Age” – The Velvetins

“Give It” – Betta Lemme

Episode Five – Split Sole

“Keep Driving, I’m Dreaming” – Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra

Also plays in Episode Seven, Episode Eight, Episode Nine and Episode Ten

“Now or Never” by Metric

“Wide Awake” – Parquet Courts

“Sink N Sin” – Kandle

“Cha Ching” – K+Lab feat. Def3

“Blazing” – Cookie Cartel feat. Masia One

Fan Flip – Royal Blood and Galactic Hobos feat. Crow

“Chasing Daylight” – Yore

“Oppression (Mugwump Separation Dub Mix)” – Soldout

Episode Six – “Joie de Vivre”

“Feel The Burn” – Sophia Eris

“Afterglow” – IMUR

“Something Better (Tyzo Bloom Remix) – Minke

Also featured in Episode Seven

“Ida (Sweet as Apple Cider)” – Tiny Hill and His Orchestra

“Lay Back” – CLAVVS

“Superstition” – Jon Bryant

“Easy Nothing” – Blonde Diamond

Episode Seven – “Catch & Release”

“Rise” – In The Valley Below

“Dancer” – Reuben and the Dark

Lightning Mood” – Laurent Bourque

“BBBLUE” – Milk & Bone

“Iron Fist” – Passion Victim feat. Darien Kyle

Hit Me Where It Hurts – Steph Copeland

“Fade Away” – Aza Nabuko

Episode Eight – Relevé

“Déjà Vu” – Nat Jay

“Part of You (Adult Karate Remix)” – Adaline

“Touch” – AM and Jarell Perry

“Nobody Does It Better” – Headband

“Part Of You” – Adaline

“One Way” – Rose Cousins

“You Are Bad” – Laura Reznek

Episode Nine – It’s Not the Waking, It’s the Rising”

“The Tide” – Jade the Moon

“I’m Yours” – Elijah Woods and Jamie Fine

“Bitter Rivals” – Lowell

“Spotlight” – Lex Junior

“Ooh Baby Baby” – Priscilla G

“Feel Alive” – Fake Shark

“Adore You” – Harry Styles

“Nina Cried Power” – Hozier fet. Mavis Staples

“Known Better” – Nuela Charles

“When Everything Is Gone” – Geoffroy

Episode Ten – Push Comes To Shove

“Passion and Pain Taste the Same When I’m Weak” – Tove Lo

“Drains” – feelswithcaps

“Strangers” – Jasper Sloan Yip

“Nameless” – Dominique Fils-Aimé

“Chains of Love” – Erasure

“Motion” – Emotional Oranges

“Ballet” – Sofi Tukker


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