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Reader Question:

I’ve been trying for two years to get my tilt and still can’t get it.  Any tips?


Tilt - Just For Kix - Chloe Lukasiek
Photo Credit: Just For Kix  (SharkCookie) Dancer:  Chloe Lukasiak



Improving tilts is all about turn out, flexibility, and strengthening your hip flexors and muscles around the hip to actually hold the tilt with no hands. First, you must stretch the turn out in order to get the leg high and back towards your head. Have someone push your thighs down in butterfly, stretch in your straddle (turned in and turned out), and then stretch in the actual tilt with a partner pushing your working leg up until you feel a deep stretch. Remember not to over stretch it or you will injure yourself! Feeling something sharp or a pain too deep is caution to STOP or lower the leg! You should stretch this EVERYDAY if you want to see real improvement. Once you have a nice long line in your tilt, work on holding it by yourself- let go of your leg if you’re pulling it up yourself and squeeze in your hips and rear to keep it up! Again, these exercises must be done everyday or your muscles will forget what you’ve worked for!


I’m glad you haven’t given up! Some things take time and it’s important not to rush them. Assuming you can do your splits you can be working on your oversplit.  Stretch first and make sure you are fully warmed up. Don’t bounce, you risk tearing or injuring yourself. Just stretch and hold. Make sure you are finding stretches that work for you that are stretching out your hips. There are many kinds and you need to find what works for you and do a rotation. Another good stretch is to do your splits against the wall. Face the wall and do your straddle splits against the wall keeping your chest as close to the wall as possible. While doing tilts a few things to keep in mind. Make sure your weight is distributed on your entire foot of your supporting leg. It’s easy to shift your balance/weight to the back part of your foot onto the heel. This will throw you off balance. Also make sure the supporting foot is turned out. Don’t give up!! Stay positive and focused on what you have improved on and achieved!!

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