What Can I Say To Myself?

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I stumbled across an image on Facebook yesterday and written at the top said “What Can I Say To Myself?”.   We’ve all had those moments when we think this is just not for me.  This is not how I thought things would go.  This is harder than I thought it would be.  The dance world is competitive.  The environment is one more place where you can easily measure yourself and your ability against the person standing next to you.  While the studio environment may be positive and encouraging while challenging each dancer, dancers can get discouraged if things aren’t progressing as they had hoped.    So, how do you help them find a different, more encouraging voice when they are dealing with an obstacle or challenge?   If your dancer can sometimes be hard on themselves throughout the year, perhaps putting a different spin on their words, will encourage them to keep working hard and improving.  The original image was from an elementary school classroom (found here), but I decided to adapt it a bit to the dance world.

In the comment section of the original graphic blog post, there was some debate about the last line – “I am awesome at this…”  I decided to keep it mostly because sometimes dancers can get lost in their own success and forget there is still much work to be done to make them even better.  So, while I think it is okay to say “I am awesome at this…”, it is more beneficial for the dancer to focus on their continued growth.


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