Audition Series: What Is The Audition Process?

ballet auditions

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Once you and your dancer have decided to proceed with the audition process, ask your studio owner what your dancer can expect on that day.


ballet auditions

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When is the audition?

Some studios audition before the current dance year has ended.  Others may have a date or a couple of audition dates in the summer.  Other studios require the dancers to be evaluated in a week or two week dance intensive.

What should he/she wear? 

Even if a studio allows for a variety of colored dancewear in their recreational classes, they may have more specific requirements during auditions.  It is best to ask than to assume.

What will they have to do? 

An audition typically consists of:

  • Across the floor – leaps/turns, exhibiting certain skills
  • Combinations or learning part of a dance in each style the dancer is auditioning for
  • Possibly improv

Who is judging them?

Dancers may be judged by several dance teachers from the studio or a combination of outside judges (dance professionals who are not affiliated with your studio) and your studios dance teachers.  Usually, there are at least 3 judges.

When and how do we find out the results?

You may receive a letter, an e-mail or they may be posted at the studio by number.  The time frame to find out may vary from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

What exactly is she auditioning for?

When a dancer auditions in a studio setting, the audition process is used to determine placement on a team or dances.  Some studios may offer a larger group of dancers an opportunity to for example, be in a jazz group together, but they may also have opportunities available for a select group of dancers to be chosen for a small group jazz dance, a solo, duet or trio.

Most children find comfort in knowing what to expect.  The audition process is a wonderful learning experience.  With a little information in hand, your dancer can go into his audition feeling confident and prepared.

Getting the results:

The period when you are waiting for your audition results can seem like an eternity.  Remember each year begins with a clean slate and while it is great to set goals, make sure you and your dancer do not set yourselves up for disappointment.  Be appreciative of the opportunities you receive and you will be off to a great start for the new year.  If you have questions about your results, give yourself some time to gather your thoughts and schedule a time to speak with the studio owner.


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