When Your Friends Think You’re The Favorite

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Reader Question:
I am having some troubles in my class with being called the “favorite” by my fellow teammates and things like that. I know that I am a student that my teachers can trust with harder choreography, but I feel like I am not always the favorite in the class, I just try really hard to be the best I can. It really hurts my feelings when friends say that I only get solos in group dances or exclusive parts, etc., because I’m the “favorite.” Sometimes it makes it so I get mad every time I get an extra part because I don’t want to my friends to be angry. My friends also think I get special treatment from my teacher, such as better and more meaningful corrections. I want my friends to understand how much of my time goes into dancing, but I don’t want to sound rude or bossy. What should I do?



That is such a hard position to be in.  I’m so sorry your friends are not happy for you. Perhaps there is some envy there and they don’t know of any other way to express it unfortunately.  They may realize all the hard work you have been putting in that they haven’t: for example maybe extra practices or when given corrections you take those and apply them. Since you have been doing that you may have improved while they may be at a plateau.  Don’t get angry for being rewarded for your hard work! You have earned it. Maybe you can invite your friends to come to any extra classes or workshops you are taking or doing!  If you feel comfortable enough you can talk privately with your teacher about the situation you’re finding yourself in. This is your decision – not your friends’.  Keep working hard!!


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