Lyrical Songs Playlist 43

beautiful pink roses on sheet music

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Drink You Gone – Ingrid Michaelson

Rescue – Lauren Daigle

Heaven I Know – Gordi

Knew Better – Yore

Believe – Beautizul

Angels – All Angels

When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground – Ellie Goulding

Fall On Me – Andrea Bocelli & Matteo Bocelli

Fix It To Break It – Clinton Kane

Never Letting Go – Connor Duermit Feat. Troy Laureta

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  1. Which, for me makes it even more beautiful. Songs for the singer sometimes hit different for the audience. That’s ok. God is Love so if the lyrics evoke thoughts of your person there’s beauty in the layers. It’s telling that critical and judgy Christians accuse her of not being Biblical enough, then non-Christians shun her for being a woman of Faith. This world is hard, being human is mysterious and deep and ugly. In the end, she brings light through lyrics. Love that.

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