8 Tips For Strengthening Your Ankles

Reader Question:

What are some tips and strategies to strengthen ankles?

Every dancer can benefit from this, see below for some easy ideas to help strengthen your ankles.

Ideas For Strengthening Your Ankles

1Exercises with a Thera-band. You can purchase one of these at a medical supply store or online.

2Releves are another great strengthening exercise. Releves will strengthen the muscles surrounding the ankle as well. Do these in first, second, and fifth positions. You can also do them on one foot holding the opposite leg in passé.

3Simple eleves (rising up to the balls of the feet without plie, from a straight leg), are great for strengthening ankles.

4Petite allegro is great for making the feet and ankles stronger.

5Little jumps like changements, jetes, and assembles are great exercises to create stronger legs/ankles/feet.

6Pointing and flexing the feet over and over (at least 50 times in a row) will really allow you to feel the burn and working of your muscles, thus strengthening the ankles and feet.

7Something else to do (and you can do this anywhere) is to spell out the alphabet with your foot.

8Be sure to stretch first and listen to your body. Don’t overdo it and if you keep working hard your strength will improve!

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  1. Once again, great advice for absolutely any dancer. Practicing and doing strength exercises throughout the day is essential. I love that you say to do it while watching TV.


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