Resale Costume Companies

places to sell dance costumes

places to sell dance costumes

Costume fees can be enough to send your budget into overdrive, but with resale costume companies you can both recoup some of your costs and find that next “perfect for her (insert dance style here) dance” at a more reasonable price. Not only that, but why let that beautiful costume sit in a closet when it could be well used and loved by another dancer?The sites below offer beautiful costumes and a large variety of choices.

Updated:  1/7/2019


Encore Costume Couture

Em & M’s Dance Costume Resale

Recreate Costumes

The Costume Closet

West Coast Costume Collection

Elite Danceworx also has costumes available for sale through their instagram account – elitescloset.

Facebook Groups/Pages:

Dance Costume Connection

Dance Costume Resale

Dance Competition Solo,Duet,Trio,&Group Costumes For Sale Or Wanted In USA






  1. I have costumes that are many years old but still in great shape and I would like to sell them. I don’t know where. I live in Colorado. Any ideas?

    • Depending on how old they are, will depend on where you can sell them. If they are a few years old, you may be able to sell them locally to someone at a local studio or you may try a community Facebook group. In our area, there is a community Facebook group that allows individuals to post items they have for sale. Check out some of the current dance costume sites ( to see if the items are still in style. While they may be a little outdated it could be that someone can take pieces or parts and transform them into something more current.

  2. I have been up an running for 1 year. Currently on Facebook and advertise throughout North America.
    Check out my website and I am always looking for feedback. Please help me spread the news, link my Facebook page if you can.

    Kindest Regards,

  3. Hello
    We have preloved sets and solo costumes. 100’s and 100’s of costumes! We are based in Australia but I am happy to ship internationally. Very reasonable prices!

    • Hi nicolette,
      Can you give me a price range of your ballet costumes? I’m looking specifically for romantic or knee lenth tutu or dresses for about 15 girls. It’s really hard to find affordable options. Thank you!

  4. I have old, gently used costumes I need to sell. There is one ladies tea-length dress and one latin style dress. There is one pair of men’s pants (black) and one black shirt, and one white shirt. All are custom designed and made. I feel sure they could be updated. I would like hearing from anyone who is interested.
    Kathy Huey
    [email protected]


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