50+ Gorgeous Dance Pose Ideas for Stairs

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Looking for some inspiration for upcoming dance photos?  If you have a staircase included in your locations, check out some of these gorgeous shots from various photographers around the world.  Hover over the image to read the caption and click on the image to check out the photographer and their Instagram feed.

Pointe Photo Pose Ideas

1. Dancer: Grace / Photographer:  Eva Nys Photography

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2. Dancer: Lexie Hoffman / Photographer: Eva Nys

3. Dancer: Natalia Chersia / Photographer: Eva Nys

4. Dancer: Nikki Rosenbloom / Photographer: Eva Nys

5. Dancer: Carmela Mayo / Photographer: Ron Rothenberg

6. Dancer: Lee Alex / Photographer: Ron Rothenberg

7. Dancer: Sharon Kung / Photographer: Ron Rothenberg

8. Dancer: Sarah Scandrett / Photographer: Luis Pons

9. Dancer: Adley Sole / Photographer: Ron Rothenberg

10. Dancer: Ava Toms / Photographer: Shark Cookie

11. Dancers: Samantha Benoit & Ellen Overstreet / Photographer: Luis Pons

12. Dancer: Chloe Calloway / Photographer: Gabriel E Photography

13. Dancer: Johanna Sigurdardottir / Photographer Randall Hobbet

14. Dancer: Whitney Stewart / Photographer: Shark Cookie

15. Dancer: Saylor Hansen / Photographer: Shark Cookie

16. Dancer: Ashleigh Richardson / Photographer: Vikki Sloviter

17. Dancer: Levi Durie / Photographer: Vikki Sloviter

18. Dancer: Leili Rackow /Photographer: Vikki Sloviter

19. Dancer: Shaelynn Estrada / Photographer: Vikki Sloviter

20. Dancer: Juliana Missana / Photographer: Vikki Sloviter

21. Dancer: Johanna Sigurdardottir / Photographer: Ahjile Miller Marc Rivera

22. Dancer: Ellen Rose Hummel / Photographer: Randall Hobbet

23. Dancer: Lizzy Powell / Photographer: Randall Hobbet

24. Dancer: Johanna Sigurdardottir / Photographer: Randall Hobbet

25. Dancer: Manuel Garrido / Photographer: Tarzan Dan

26. Dancer: Rhiain Fernie / Photographer: Terry Cullinane

27. Dancer: Adelina Fominykh / Photographer: Patrik Rio Monka

28. Dancer: Madeline DeVries / Photographer: Patrik Rio Monka

29. Dancer: Aleksandra Kiseleva / Photographer: Patrik Rio Monka

30. Dancer: Olivia Huck / Photographer: James Cook

31. Dancer: Claudia Garcia Carriera / Photographer: Lightheart Danceart

32. Dancer: Serena McCall / Photographer: Tiia Laukkanen

33. Photographer: Tiia Laukkanen

34. Dancer: Ida Laukkanen / Photographer: Tiia Laukkanen

35. Dancer: Millie / Photographer: Tiia Laukkanen

36. Dancer: Sophie Duncan / Photographer: Tiia Laukkanen

37. Dancer: Courtney Gentry / Photographer: James Cook

38. Dancer: Stella Watchous / Photographer: James Cook

39. Dancer: Kaila Hogg / Photographer: James Cook

40. Dancer: Gabrielle Mcdowell / Photographer: James Cook

41. Dancer: Vivianna Delgado / Photographer: Julianna D. Photography

42. Dancer: Kimberly Kopke / Photographer: Julianna D Photography

43. Dancer: Eva Melnikova / Photographer: yakovlevaira (scroll through for several pose options)

44. Dancer: Lilah Mae / Photographer: Chris Moore

45. Dancer: Calista Loter / Photographer:

46. Dancer: Sienna Morris / Photographer: Chris Moore

47. Dancer: Rebecca Rincon / Photographer: Chris Moore

48. Dancer: Hannah Webb / Photographer: Chris Moore

49. Dancer: Catie Sjoquist / Photographer Chris Moore

Dancer: Lina / Photographer Chris Moore

50. Dancer: Ava Giachetti / Photographer: Collette Mruk

51. Dancer: Ava Giachetti / Photographer: Collette Mruk


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